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Thread: I am lost lol

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    Default I am lost lol

    I purtchased vbet ages ago but stopped using it for whatever reason I can't remember. I decided to renew my license and install it again only to find that everything is changed and I'm not sure I have installed it correctly. I have left all the default settings for microsoft translation as I find now there are fees for some, and I am getting no traanslations no matter what flag I click. Is there something else I need to do? I have been searching but finding it difficult to find the information I am after

    My forum is Digiscrap Forum

    Thanx in advance

    *edit, I got the translations to work after finding a post that helped, it's not translating posts when I make a test post though so more searching for me unless someone is handy to help

    n/m I have uninstalled this and another $30 bucks down the drain. The instructions are poor at best and the last straw was finding that many additional usergroups had been added which would have made a lot more work for me with the photopost installation permissions. In the end I decided it wasn't worth the hassle, sorry
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    Hi. vBET can work without those usergroups - it is just needed to disable some vBET plugins. If you are interested we can send you details

    Also please note that those usergroups are automatically managed by vBET and only as additional usergroups, so it do not change any permissions form other users usergroups.

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