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If you would like to start earning money with vBET join to Affiliate Program.
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Thread: vBET Affiliate Program is running! Earn with us!

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    Michał Podbielski (vBET Staff) vBET's Avatar
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    Smile vBET Affiliate Program is running! Earn with us!

    Earn with vBET!
    Now you can earn by promoting vBET Product. All you need to start is account on our forum – you do not have to be our customer. Having account on our forum you get your unique referring URL which you can use to promote vBET product.

    You will earn 10% for purchases made by your referrals!
    This includes all our products and services:
    • vBET license
    • vBET Branding Free license
    • Installation Service
    • Upgrade Service
    • License Renewal

    And we will track your referral purchases for up to 365 days since he has signed up to our forum using your referral link!

    You can use vBET credit link!
    If you are already using vBET without Branding Free license, you can use our credit link to get your referrals. You must have this link anyway – now you have a chance to get extra money from it even when you sleep or enjoy your best things!
    (This will be easily configurable by Admin CP since next release)

    Join vBET Affiliate Program
    To join vBET Affiliate Program just go here and signup!
    (If you do not have account on our forum, you must first create it here and then signup to vBET Affiliate Program)

    Just Slap the Switch to Get Started
    Once you complete the signup process, you'll get your unique affiliate ID. Enter that into your vBET Control Panel (Admin CP->vBET->Main->Affiliate Program), save your settings, and begin making money with vBET while you sleep.
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