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  1. How does it works - manual about multi language support
  2. vBET hints - the best practices of using vBET
  3. vBET and performance
  4. Difficult than
  5. Recommend vBET install us
  6. URL normalization, (Canonical URL) force
  7. To question vBSEO vBEt +
  8. VBet to comment and performance
  9. Will content retroactively be translated?
  10. Are there any statistics on success of vBet
  11. How can I be sure that new users are seeing their native language?
  12. Forum URL translate?
  13. How does the branding free option work?
  14. Is there a way to do this?
  15. Translations dropdown in cms/blogs
  16. how does one turn this vbseo/vbet/java on?
  17. force clear cache
  18. Advertisment in different languages
  19. vbSEO 3.5 Gold and vBET
  20. how to know vBET virsion
  21. How to keep the title of the forum in the original language?
  22. Sidebars show text in the original language
  23. condition for different languages
  24. how to upgrade
  25. Public road map?
  26. Can we somehow translate meta tags?
  27. vbulletin 4.0.4
  28. 2 main Languages of forum
  29. Is the greeting translated?
  30. Removing the brand
  31. vBET and vB 4.0.5 and vBSEO
  32. does vbet add nofollow to external links ?
  33. anything to worry abt this email ?
  34. different languages not transmitted correctly
  35. Copyright question
  36. vBulletin 4.0.7 and current vBET release
  37. Is your integration THIS good?
  38. googletest
  39. Dopdown menu of tabs in Navbar move
  40. New to translation - how to make better/enhance translation
  41. Sitemaps urls are english
  42. remove/change Vbet copyright
  43. Vbet with large forums Systems ? What do you say?
  44. What is your configuration?
  45. vBET and vBSEO 3.6.0 RC1
  46. vBET and vB 4.1.2
  47. Robots.txt for vbseo-enabled forum running Vbet 4.2.3
  48. Thread title not translated
  49. Auto translated pages vs google content guidelines
  50. do i have to pay or not?
  51. adding custom header meta tags to translated pages.
  52. Google Translate API shut off or will be paid? Doesn't matter - vBET supports other APIs
  53. Advertising Issue
  54. vBET and ckeditor in 4.1.4
  55. Q: Avoiding duplicate content
  56. new forum
  57. Running guest cache from a CDN?
  58. Microsoft API limits?
  59. Loking for a license update to work with vb4.x
  60. Microsoft Translation API Azure usage monitoring
  61. Text color?
  62. website lag
  63. How Long Does VBET Support Free Translation ?
  64. Google API at what cost
  65. Language Packs
  66. Is VBET dead?
  67. I wan to make forum
  68. Manual Translations
  69. How to make some text not translated?
  70. Settings so paid translations are not removed
  71. Limitation of translation
  72. How to make translation urls subdomains?
  73. Why do not you provide a version of this program for xenforo
  74. vBet and seo
  75. Costs optimization - how vBET allows to use FREE and/or CHEAPER machine translation
  76. DBSEO works
  77. I need to know if Vbet will work with DBseo
  78. How can I force the choice of the Language?
  79. How much text can now be translated for free?
  80. Has vBet been abandoned?
  81. –°onsolidate translation databases?
  82. Adding hreflang HTMNLANGtags question
  83. Free text translation limits
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