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  1. Accepted Title popup text, anywhere in translated pages, are still not translated
  2. Rejected Choice of flags for English language
  3. Already done Circular checking and switching of APIs to keep flow of translations
  4. Already done Please make vbet work with paid MS API
  5. Accepted Suggestions
  6. Accepted members email notifications are untranslated
  7. Accepted VBseo Sitemap Problems
  8. Accepted vBet Full Guest Cache - but not for crawlers
  9. To explain Translate forum posts not written in the default forum language
  10. In consideration disable vBET the use of guests
  11. To explain There should be an option for a user to disable viewing automatic translations
  12. Already proposed Use memcache or xcache for guest cache
  13. Accepted Manual editing other language translation result/cache, by admin
  14. Already proposed Forum display url not translated
  15. Already proposed Default language chace should be disabled
  16. To explain How can i use rss in other languages to work.?
  17. Already proposed Memcached Support
  18. To explain Social Bookmarking URLS
  19. Already done Translate alt tags!
  20. In consideration different db for vbet
  21. Rejected Utf8_general_ci recommended over Utf8_bin?
  22. Already proposed vbet_guestcache too big add an empty command in the cpanel
  23. Already done Can a manual vBET database flush|clean feature be added in the admincp?
  24. Already done vbet_guestcache to big
  25. Already done Support for word esclusions!!
  26. Rejected Support for Blogging
  27. Rejected Set Forum Language - All Forums or Specified
  28. Already done Load flags with a css sprite
  29. In consideration Option to choose language in pull down on registration
  30. Already proposed Use memcached
  31. Accepted Tie vBET into vBulletin language system
  32. Already proposed Option in notices to display to languages
  33. Rejected Omitting ?language=xy extension
  34. Already done Feature to manually clear cache
  35. Already done blank keywords and 3 base urls on translated pages
  36. Already done Language Condition integrated into the notice system of vB
  37. Already done VBSEO cannonical links and URL length
  38. Already proposed Language usage report
  39. Rejected Suggestion for new custom translation tag
  40. Rejected Small Idea
  41. Already done Some stats to add
  42. Already done Added by Javascript
  43. Already done add canonical
  44. Rejected Registration without pre-selection
  45. Already done Translation of alt texts
  46. Rejected Change the name for the freeversion
  47. Rejected Unlinked credit text like vbseo
  48. Already done Disable within blogs and other non native vb scripts optio
  49. Already done Language Flag in who is online
  50. Already done Editing language chooser location in register page?
  51. Accepted Mouse over thread title shows first x words of thread (not translated)
  52. Already done Problem with vbet and duplicate content
  53. Rejected Control over which forums are translated
  54. Accepted RSS-feeds bug/request
  55. Already done BBCode
  56. Already done human security check on registration
  57. Already done using 1 image instead of 52
  58. Rejected using geolocation or ip2location and other suggestions
  59. In consideration new 2 features
  60. Already done Cleanup cache daily - only 15 days old
  61. Already done Languages descriptions to be translated as well
  62. Already done custome hack or as options
  63. Already done Languages
  64. Rejected Flags sorting
  65. Already done Set default language by default for users who did not do it yet
  66. Already done Showing flags at registration page
  67. Rejected Another view
  68. Already done [Language: $language Do not add language BBCodes] in Quick Reply
  69. Accepted Translation of categorie name in URL's
  70. Accepted An optional notice for guests/users with foreign languages
  71. Rejected A functionality to fill vbet cache controlled from admincp.
  72. Already done On the other BBCode
  73. Rejected WRITING in different languages
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