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Thread: How does it works - manual about multi language support

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    Default How does it works - manual about multi language support

    This article describes how automatic translation works. For Manual Translation description please see here: Manual Translations
    If you want to avoid translation of part of the text, see here: How to make some text not translated?.

    I don't know how much you are impressed by multi language support till now and hope you will be impressed even more when you find out how easy it is in usage

    First of all mod supports user default language. It is set in registration form and can be changed in User CP. So if user has set his default language, then he does nothing... Just writes posts in his language, and vBET takes care about everything. In such case - when user has set default language it is assumed that whole post (including title) is written in his default language. It will be configurable soon, but at his moment there is simple assumption: if user has set default language and it is different than forum default language, then each his message is in language which he choose as his default.

    You can also create multi language messages, where only parts of message are in different languages. This is very easy - everything what you need to do it put text written in different language inside of lang BBCode. It takes one parameter which is the language code. I.e. if you want to write something in Polish, then BBCode looks like this lang=pl.
    See whole example (spaces in BBCode added to avoid evaluation):
    [ lang=pl]Przykład tekstu po polsku[ /lang]

    This example (without spaces in BBCode) will give you such result:
    Text automatically translated from: Polish to: English
    Translated text
    Example of text in Polish
    Original text

    There is also one more BBCode which works exactly as lang BBCode, but it's reserved for posts titles only. It is langtitle BBCode - it is used by vBET to automatically mark message of user which set theirs default language other than forum default language. It shouldn't be used manually, and if you want to use it such way, then remember to put whole message inside of lang BBCode using same language code as parameter in booth BBCodes (otherwise some parts of translated RSS channels can be not translated appropriately, but posts will be shown appropriately).

    Since vBET 3.2.0 you can also use automatic language detection. So in case if user will write a message without lang BBCode, then vBET will automatically recognize what is the language of this message and mark it appropriately. You can even choose when to trust automatic language detection and when to trust message author
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