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Thread: new forum

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    Default new forum

    I have forum in polish language -

    I want to open new forum in english lagnuage (new domain)

    Is it possible to translate database usung vBet and set defualt language english ?

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    MichaƂ Podbielski (vBET Staff) vBET's Avatar
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    Possible yes. Supported no. Allowed - no. At least not by Google. Please note that Google Terms of Service allows to hold (cache) translations results only up to 15 days. Also please note that opening new forum will require additional vBulletin license (also vBET - one licensee is per one installation).

    What is also possible and this time also allowed, it is usage of vBET lang BBCode. So to change in your actual forum (or copy) default language to English you have to:
    1. Change vBulletin language so appropriate phrases for GUI will be used
    2. Made SQL query which will wrap all your existing posts in [ lang=pl] BBCode. This way all actual content will be translated to forum default language and cached appropriately to Google Terms of Service. Please note that it is best to made it first on some testing instance - we are not sure how it will behave wrapped such way for quoted texts.

    Other way is to use some other translation API (vBET supports Microsoft Translation API) which allows to store translation results for ever. We didn't found in Microsoft Translation API Terms of Service any limitation about caching results. Still please note that:
    1. vBET do not support changing original content and replacing it by translated one. vBET have own cache and never change original message
    2. Automatic translation is not perfect - in our opinion it is better to leave information that it was translated automatically. And using lang BBCode such information is provided.

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