I run a website about BASE Jumping. The sport is an international sport, but before now, I was not able to offer anything but English information to anyone who comes to the site.

I also own and run the database for fatalities for base jumping. This si not only a page to respect and remember lost friends, this is also a valuable tool to assist other jumpers as to certain dangers that can be SERIOUS! This knowledge is the key to saving lives and has saved countless lives. HOWEVER, I feel I could do better by allowing anyone, not just English speaking jumpers to learn and maybe save their lives as well

BASE Fatality List - BLiNC Magazine:: BASE jumping, Skydiving, and Paragliding

Fatality Statistics - BLiNC Magazine:: BASE jumping, Skydiving, and Paragliding

In addition, The day I released the plugin, my sitemap submission jumped from 36,763 total URL's to 1,297,111 total URL's and now I increase my count by 500 to 5,000 new url's per day. My traffic has doubled since I release this plugin and I am so happy to have this.