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Thread: vBET 3.x sale opened! And great promotion!

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    Exclamation vBET 3.x sale opened! And great promotion!

    Many of users asked and asked when vBET 3.x will be available to buy, cannot wait to have it on your own forum. So great news is - is is available since today

    And even better news is that for first month of sale (till end end of November 2009) we have or you great promotion - 50% discount. The normal price is $90 but in promotion - only till end of November 2009 you can get vBET 3.x only for $45!

    What is inside? Full list of vBET 3.x features you will find here: vB Enterprise Translator features

    And here just main differences between vBET 2.x to let you know why vBET 3.x is worth to spend your money:
    • Supports multi language communities
      • Support for user default language (in registration and configurable in User CP)
      • Automatically translates titles and content of posts written in other languages
      • Allows to write post in several different languages - at the end user will see everything in his own default language (not only posts, also Private Messages, Visitor Messages, Group Messages, Album Pictures Comments and Group Pictures Comments)
      • Allows to see original content, for posts written in other language
    • Have faster, taking less space, optimized cache
    • Translates RSS
    • Translate your URLs for threads****** (this feature is available only with vbSEO)
    • Tracks translations in forms

    What does it mean for you and your forum:
    • More traffic, more registered forum users and more income from advertises
    • Better SEO thanks to translated URLs
    • Faster translations thanks to optimized cache

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    Oh yeah! Thanks. Bought.

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