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Thread: vBET 3.3.3 released

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    MichaƂ Podbielski (vBET Staff) vBET's Avatar
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    Default vBET 3.3.3 released


    So it is also time for vB3.x users to get better vBET. This is mostly bug fixing release + some templates changes according to Google hints (images dimensions added). Details below.

    • Global langtitle parsing - now all langtitle bbcodes included in output should be parsed. Previous there was issue with integrations. Still in case of Ajax can happen than some langtitle will be left, but if it is used hook xml_print_output then even in Ajax results it will be parsed.

    Templates changed:
    • vbenterprisetranslator_flag
    • vbenterprisetranslator_inpost_translate
    • vbenterprisetranslator_inpost_translate_alreadyin

    Bugs corrected:
    • Re-encode all post data from translated views for not utf-8 forums
    • Headers for translated RSS channels
    • Corrected bug for vBAdvanced CMPS integration
    • Query string for lighttpd
    • Flag for user default language in editor
    • Daily/weekly digests for vBSEO users
    • Links with special characters like + or '
    • Cleaned not translated area from emails
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    Thanks for the release. I'm very happy to see that the e-mail comment bug has been fixed, and that the langtitle code will now always be parsed.

    My upgrade was quite successful. Once bug remains in 3.3.3 that was also in 3.3.2: Strange code

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