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Thread: Posting directly as Russian, charset is off

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    Default Posting directly as Russian, charset is off

    I have a CMS outside of vbulletin that I can post content with, I now have a need to post directly as russian but it is not working.

    If I post natively from a text doc that was sent to me I get

    Онлайн казино Вулкан: 1000 и 1 персональный бон

    I tried pasting into google translate as they display the entered text re-encoded and copied/ pasted that and got mostly question marks.

    Russian page specified lang="ru" charaterset is UTF-8

    The odd part is inside me editor its all displaying correctly

    I know this is outside the Vbet tool but would love some insight on how vbet does it on my russian pages perfectly after translations.


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    Michał Podbielski (vBET Staff) vBET's Avatar
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    Most probably your database have different encoding, so when you put good text there it is taken as something else. vBET knows does database is in UTF-8 and text can be stored as it is, or it has different encoding and we have to store text in special way (see function vbet_encodeToSafeUTF8).

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    Thank you, ill look into it

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