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Thread: Very many errors Meta Title

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    Nov 2009

    Default Very many errors Meta Title

    Text automatically translated from: German to: English
    Translated text

    Incidentally, I have a lot of double-meta-title, etc., should also be fixed.

    You are also using Google Webmaster Tools? Then please look at times crawling status.

    Missing "title" tags 4
    For example:
    Double "title" tags 284
    For example:
    Duplicate meta descriptions 439
    For example:
    Short meta descriptions 1.026
    For example:
    Onderwerp met uh tag / Af / tags /% E4hm.html
    Onderwerp met verandering tag / Af / tags /% E4nderung.html
    Onderwerp 2wheelplanet met the day / Af/tags/2wheelplanet.html
    Onderwerp met 50cc tag / Af/tags/50ccm.html
    Onderwerp met tag 600 / Af/tags/600.html
    Onderwerp af met the merker / Af / tags / abgeschaltet.html
    The only current problems met navraag / Af / tags / aktuelle.html
    Onderwerp met all day / Af / tags / all.html
    Onderwerp met oud tag / Af / tags / alte.html
    Original text

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    Michał Podbielski (vBET Staff) vBET's Avatar
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    This is not related with vBET.

    I checked first links for no title tag and double title tags - see html yourself it is not true. Title tag exists and it is only one.

    Duplicate meta is also not vBET issue - you have it duplicated in original content, so it is duplicated after translation (same sentence translated twice to same language will give you same result). So vBET is working fine in this area - your descriptions are translated as should be (just check it in page source). It is your part to give different content to translate.

    Same to short meta - you have it short in original so translation is also short.

    Please note that vBET is only translating your content it does NOT change it on any other way.

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    i have this problem too. i have almost 3000 duplicate meta and almost 2000 duplicate titletags. please for help?

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