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06-09-10, 05:00
I am always logged into vBulletin as an administrator. But a few days ago I was testing something and logged out as administrator and only viewed my web site as an unregistered guest. In CMS on the front page I have an article that begins with BBCODE [lang=pt] (Portuguese) but when I look at the front page as an unregistered user the summary appears as Filipino. Then, if I log in as administrator, the summary on the front page appears in English as I would expect, translated from Portuguese. Very strange to have the two different behaviors based on logged in status. If you need further information, please feel free to view my site and, if you need to, please feel free to log in using the login information I previously provided to you for the latest upgrade installation. If you can not locate the login information I provided previously, please just let me know and I will PM that information to you. Your help, as always, is very much appreciated!

06-09-10, 07:48
Most probably you have turned on Guest Cache and someone was editing the message. So I think that the reason is:
1. Someone wrote message for which Google found wrong language.
2. That was already cached in Guest Cache
3. Someone made correction in message (hange language)
In such scenario you can see different language for guest (who have hached result) and for logged user. Please note that in such case it will dissapear itself after cache expires (by default 1 hour for relevant pages).

Please tell does issue dissapear (so it was only cached result) or we should investigate this issue more.

07-09-10, 14:17
Thank you. Your explanation appears to accurately describe the circumstances of the error since the incorrect translation does seem to disappear as a problem over time on each article. To avoid this problem, should I turn off cache? Since I am the only one creating the CMS articles and the only one with creation/modification access, is this error being introduced by Google?

07-09-10, 19:20
Google do not always finds appropriate language. Usually does it well, still sometimes not. I'm sure that Google is aware about that.

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