View Full Version : Solved Installation problem with vbseo

01-09-10, 20:11
1. I am using vbseo 3.2.0, I cant find this code inside functions_vbseo_createurl.php file like instruction in readme.html :

$vbseo_gcache_thread['seotitle'] = vbseo_filter_replace_text ($ttl);

i already search inside all vbseo files too but still cant find it

please help, let me know if you need my ftp and other details

2. Is there still no solution yet so we dont need to turn off "Replace the 'META KEYWORDS' Content?" for default language like before using vBET? Like using conditional maybe in the vbseo files

02-09-10, 20:28
Guys can i get support here please :) really need help here

i already purchased vbet more than 24 hours a go but still cant install it because of above problem

02-09-10, 22:30

1. Please update your vBSEO. You are using old version.

With your version you can still use vBET, but it will not be integrated with vBSEO, so links will not be translated. All other vBET functionalities will work fine.
You can also look yourself for code which is responsible in this old vBSEO version for getting thread titles and replace it appropriatelly if you do not want to update vBSEO. As hint I can tell to look where is used function vbseo_thread_seotitle. Please note that older vBET versions was working with vBSEO 3.2.x (as I remember our forum was working on 3.2.2) and integration procedure was different, but at this moment it will not work, so I cannot give you old integration instructions. vBSEO changed its code and also vBET did, so integration also had to be changed.
I just checked and in vBSEO 3.2.2 code you can find:

$vbseo_gcache_thread['seotitle'] = vbseo_filter_replace_text ($ttl);
So you just have too old - not supported version. Please update, or use vBET without links translation (not best for your SEO), or find the code which should be changed and change it.

2. At this moment this option have to be turned off. Please note that it will NOT influence your SEO, because search engines simply ignores keywords meta tag and uses real page content for indexing.

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