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31-08-10, 10:34
Hi How do I respond to an email I received from the administrator of my VPS?

serwer xxxxxxxxx obciaza nam caly serwer dedykowany
glownie chodzi o dysk twardy

z tego co widzialem idle CPU jes 0 % i uzycie dysku na poziomie 100%

zapytania do bazy

| 5555656 | admin_new | localhost | admin_new | Query | 0 | update | INSERT IGNORE INTO vb_vbenterprisetranslator_cache_short_da (originaltext, translated, serie) VALUES ('Kolejka: 24 - 1 liga PES 2010 X360 sezon 5', 'K?: 24 til 1 PES 2010 **** 360 liga s?son 5',1.2832394403E+13),('MIDDLEBROOK (Cygan 86) 0:3 ESPANYOL (Bubble_Gum)', 'Middlebrook (Cygan 86) Espanyol 00:03 (Bubble_Gum)',1.2832394403E+13),('2.5377', '2,5377',1.2832394403E+13) |
| 5555667 | da_admin | localhost | NULL | Query | 0 | NULL | show full processlist |
| 5555669 | admin_new | localhost | admin_new | Query | 0 | statistics | SELECT cache.originaltext as originaltext, cache.translated as translated FROM vb_vbenterprisetranslator_cache_short_ko help, vb_vbenterprisetranslator_cache_short_ko cache WHERE help.originaltext='super!' AND cache.serie=help.serie |
| 5555670 | admin_new | localhost | admin_new | Query | 2 | closing tables | INSERT IGNORE INTO vb_vbenterprisetranslator_cache_medium_uk SET originaltext='1+mecz%3A+Groningen+%28hubert%29+-+Panatinaikos+%28tadzislaw%29+2%3A2+Bramki%3A+Nordstrand+x2+-+Cisse+x1+Leto+x1+2+mecz%3A+Panatinaikos+%28tadzislaw%29+-+Groningen+%28hubert', translated='1 ????: Groningen (Hubert) - Panatinaikos (tadzislaw) 2:02 ????: Nordstrand x2 - x1 ????? ???? x1 2 ?????: Panatinaikos (tadzislaw) - ????????? (????', serie=1.28323947861E+13 |

po zablokowaniu bazy danych obciazenie serwera spadlo sporo i dysk sie odciol
prosze o wyjasnienia, proponuje przesiadke na serwer dedykowany
baza narazie zostala wylaczona

31-08-10, 10:56

I was on your site and already you use a 22 language.
As you know - Now you have 22 times more content on your forum (on different languages) and 22 times more traffic on the server. You forum is still growing (new posts, members etc.)

They are trying to suggest that the server has too little capacity to your page.
They offer a larger server for you.

I was on your site and translation works in normal time. (not slow).

03-09-10, 19:44
Unfortunately, no translator cache works best. Reduced the number of languages to 10 and 2 days was ok, and again a total failure associated with the translator what the server is a plain shared easily walked for 48 languages and vb3.x 4000/dzień on a VPS is not going to 10 languages and 500 guests ? It is concluded that this is not the fault of the server, especially since after excluding vbtranslatora load drops to negligible values. Even the logs received from the server, which I would gladly be shared, if someone wanted to help solve the problem of the translator.

04-09-10, 16:25
If everything was correctly for 48 languages on the previous server, and after the change of the server is a problem even with 10 languages, where the conclusion that this is not a wine server: confused: personally, I just laid the blame on the previous server-everything you wanted in 48 languages. On one of the servers that we used previously hosting provider first poczęstował us saying a similar content. And as already have everything on a different server, this dostaliśmy a message with an apology and saying that they had skopany driver for the disk and hence, they's all siadało.The aid is, of course, that would be willing to help. Please provide more information. For now, I know that's 10 languages is "total defeat" – whatever that is. What are the symptoms? What is going on? Can enable/disable Guest Cache changes the situation? Whether the translation work? What specifically is happening?

12-09-10, 13:30
Does the problem still occurs? We have not received a reply ...

17-09-10, 10:54
No answer. I assume the problem solved. If not, please post here and answer the previous questions:)

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