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30-08-10, 12:57
On Michael suggestion I tried your guest cache. And ehhhh, I cannot even open a page when this is enabled. Just get this:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Man, I wish only once something would work right here.

30-08-10, 16:14

guest cache works now but option: GZIP HTML Output is disabled now.
This is a issue with encoding. guest cache files are gziped and when we try to read this files - there is an encoding issue.

I will try to find this issue with encoding.

31-08-10, 09:46
Can you undo whatever you just did on my forum. I have now sent you 2 PM's on my forum and 1 here with no response. My whole forum is complete messed up now. I cannot log into my ACP or do any moderation. This is not funny************************!!

31-08-10, 10:15
Can you undo whatever you just did on my forum. I have now sent you 2 PM's on my forum and 1 here with no response. My whole forum is complete messed up now. I cannot log into my ACP or do any moderation. This is not funny************************!!
Please clear your cookies.

I have I one question:
Can you check on your server by SSH one thing?
please write this query by your SSH: #httpd -t -D DUMP_MODULES
and try to find deflate_module. If you can find it please write here.

31-08-10, 10:18
What is SSH??

31-08-10, 10:22
Do you have an access to your server by command line?
here you can change your server configuration etc.
Secure Shell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Shell)

31-08-10, 10:30
O jeez. Just forget about all this. I cannot handle this anymore. VBET is just one big headache to me. Nothing never works.

31-08-10, 10:34
cache for guest is working normal - when gzip is disabled, but if gzip is enabled guest cache makes a good files (for example index.zip). You can check it (forums/vbet_guestcache/en).
Here is a issue with encoding and reading of this files. Of course we can fix it but I need your help. (I can check it by your SSH)

If you cant check it by SSH - I will try to fix it without it.

31-08-10, 10:41
I have no idea how to check SSH...sorry!

02-09-10, 22:50
Hello - I found one interesting thing. It seems your forum is missconfigurated.

When you disable vBulleitn GZIP by AdminCP option GZIP HTML Output then your output is still zipped. You can see it here:
GZip Test (http://nontroppo.org/tools/gziptest/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fcreativx.net%2Fforums%2Fgeneral-discussion%2F68-freebies.html&uas=&onlyheaders=on)
NOTE: it is clearly described in vBulletin option:

If you are already using mod_gzip or mod_deflate on your server, do not enable this option.
So at this moment it seems that you have one of those on, because output is zipped anyway. And this is most probably the cause of issues with vBET guest cache - it is double zipped so browsers get crazy with it.

When vB GZIP is disabled Guest cache is working, still you have some conflict and you can see then this error message:

Warning: in_array() [function.in-array.html]: Wrong datatype for second argument in [path]/global.php(400) : eval()'d code on line 796
This conflict is about hook global_complete. I started looking which mod is in conflict, but you just have those too much... We can help you when you determine which mod creates this conflict. To do this you have to check all plugins for global_complete hook and if it uses in_array function - then disable it and check does error still occurs. If not then you found guilty one. vBET do not have such function in our code, so some other mod is responsible for this. If you want to find it - first disable vB GZIP (i tuned it on again just as you had it before). Then enable Guest cache and look. Best is to fist find hook which could be guilty - disable it, turn on Guest cache and if issue still exists, then fast disable Guest cache (so users will not see this issue). Of coure you have test it in browser where you are not logged in.

This is all what I can do. At this moment it seems that issue is caused by wrong vBulletin configuration - you are using vB GZIP and some other also what is not allowed by vB documentation.
Also issue with Guest Cache and disable vB GZIP is related to some mod conflict. We are not responsible for code of other mods. We will gladly help you but first please determine which mod is causing this conflict. This also can be not conflict but simply bug of this other mod, but when Guest cache is on then this error comes to output instead of error file (speculation). Anyway - it have to be determined and because it is caused by other mod we are not responsible for that. We already spend lot of time on this issue which seems to be just wrong configuration of your server and hope you understand why we first ask you to determine which mod creates conflict on forum which has dozens of mods.

I understand that for you it would be best if we do everything, but hope that you also understand that we are vBET support not all possible mods and server configurations support. So if you want to use Guest Cache you have to first configure appropriately your server (use only one GZIP - vB or external, not booth). And find which mod causes error message (vB GZIP off and Guest cache on) - we will look there to help you when you determine which one is guilty.

Please give your feedback.

03-09-10, 11:19
Thanks for the effort, but I will just go without guest cache.

03-09-10, 11:23
Understand. Still please keep in mind that we will gladly help you with resolving this conflict if you change your mind and want to use Guest Cache. Of course - first you have to dissable double GZIP (see previous porst).

So at this moment we close this issue. If you change your mind, please continue in this thread :)

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