View Full Version : In consideration Admin CP menus

23-08-10, 22:03
I have the AME Add-on and vBET on my system and noticed something in the Admin CP that I thought you should consider.

That is, adding the vBET Tools items to the vBET CP menu.

Here is what I'm proposing:

1) Rename the "vBET" menu to "vBET CP".
2) Add a "Tools" submenu to the "vBET CP" menu.
3) Move the "vBET Tools" items to the "vBET CP" "Tools" submenu.
4) Remove the "vBET Tools" menu.

24-08-10, 05:33
We have to check possibility of this request - we are not sure now does vBulletin supports by default (without additional mods) 2 level menus in Admin CP. By default all vBulletin menus have only one level and we never tried to use it in other way.

Please note that most users like to have options available with less steps possible. Additional menu level forces additional click to get there. Also - there are special vBulletin plugins which allows you to reorganize Admin CP menu - so it could be very good solution of you - you can reorganize not only vBET options but also other ones.

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