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19-08-10, 20:52
Can someone explain, if i set the file cache to cache pages for 1 hour (86400 seconds) then why does the cron run once a day to remove them.

Surely the pages are cached for 1 day if the cron runs every 24 hours?

If i set pages to be cached for 1 hour they must be removed once an hour has passed. So the cache for that page can start over.

It doesnt really make sense to me.

20-08-10, 21:49

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21-08-10, 17:04
It is all OK. Please note that Guest Cache do not remove the file every time it expires - that would be too expensive. Every time when Guest Cache discovers that appropriate cache file already exists it checks last modification date and that how we know does it expired or not. If not then file is streamed as result. If yes, then request is evaluated and after that we overwrite the file without additional and unnecessary removing operation.

Daily cleaning is to assure that there is no any really old unnecessary file - like for threads which already do not exists. So we remove old files daily, but always check does cache is not expired :)

21-08-10, 17:10
Excellent explanation, understand now, thanks.

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