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14-11-09, 08:26
Really nice product. Thanks again for this hack. :)

I would need help or have a request to do. For new users on the forum, it's OK since they have a field to select their default language but for all existing users, there is no value set, it just puts "Not set". Could you give me a query to execute in order to automatically put a default language instead of "Not set" (in my case it's french for the default value)? This is because even if you put a thread on the forum telling to the users to go modify their information, many of them will not read that thread.

It would be nice if I can change this automatically for my existing users.


14-11-09, 14:29
You do not have to set default language for your users. If no default language is set, then vBET assumes that it is same as forum language and take no action when new messages are coming (cause those are in forum language) :)

14-11-09, 17:50
OH, did not know about that, sorry. Thanks for your answer.

14-11-09, 23:53
No problem - I'm here to help you :) Ask whenever you need. Also for new features or integrations :)

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