View Full Version : Solved VBET stopped working after 3.8.6 PL1

19-08-10, 18:50
I wish I had more diagnostic information to offer. VBET just stopped working :-).

If you click on one of the flags, nothing happens. If you click on the flag again, you get:

Not Found

The requested URL /vbulletin/vbet_flag-/vbulletin/showthread.php was not found on this server.


We upgraded to the latest VBET 3.3.6 but the same behavior.

Any ideas?

20-08-10, 08:00
Thanks for this note. Now we must upgrade our vB, test it and fix.

20-08-10, 16:05
Thanks for this note. Now we must upgrade our vB, test it and fix.

Would access to my system help?

20-08-10, 17:01
our main forum is working on this vB pl1. Can you reproduce this issue here?
before update to pl1 version vBET worked normal?

20-08-10, 19:23
I suspect it was something we did; VBET was working fine until my boss decided to try it ;-).

My user adoption rate is very low (unfortunately), so I don't have a good bead on just when it stopped working, sorry.

The last major change to the system was 3.8.6 PL1 so I thought it may have caused the issue.

Your forum works perfectly, as expected. I doubt you can find the problem without logging into my system.

23-08-10, 13:39
vBET is still not working?
Can you paste here your .htaccess file?

23-08-10, 15:52
We do not have a .htaccess file; all access is through a locally designed username/password authentication system.

23-08-10, 17:30
Hello. I remember You already had this issue once (you described it by email). It is because global_complete is not executed in vBET.

You have some special - your own mod installed, which is using global_complete and stops future execution. So it stops vBET and do not allow to translate. Solution is to find this your mod and its plugin for global_complete hook and change execution order to bigger that 1000 (vBET is using 1000) - so yous mod will execute the last and then it can stop execution. Do it only for your own plugin - not for others. Please remember about that in the future :)

Please tell does it help.

23-08-10, 17:48
Argh; you are absolutely right! I changed the execution order of our add-in to 1001 and VBET now works perfectly.

Sorry to have wasted your time! I made extensive notes in the vBulletin admin area (nice place to document these things).

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