View Full Version : Solved Language codes showing!!

18-08-10, 16:28
Please see attachment. Man, since going to 3.3.6, it has been a mess!


18-08-10, 19:33
ok, that should be fixed by globally parsing - on your forum this is not work.
I can't reproduce this issue on my test forum (you can see it on this main forum) so please PM to me a admincp and FTP details and I will fix it (and your first issue from the previous post too (if you can't reproduce it on our main forum)).

19-08-10, 09:10
I was on your fourum:

Can you explain it better? Can you paste url to the site with this issue, can you describe how to reproduce this issue?
I should be logged or not?

If this issue is onmain site - please describe a part of this site with issue. thanks

19-08-10, 09:18
ok, I found it.
Is this only on main site in "last post" part?

19-08-10, 10:34
I was on your forum, I made a test-thread in polish, I reload your site to homepage and I cant see langtitle=pl.
So, how I can do this issue?
edit: i changed my profil language from english to polish - now i have it!

19-08-10, 12:12
Any solution on this?

19-08-10, 18:10
I'm working on it. please be patient because MichaƂ is offline and I have a lot of work. Thanks for forbearance.

20-08-10, 06:39
I am really trying to be patient here, but my forum is looking terrible, and I am starting to loose members because of these white pages I mention in another thread here also.

20-08-10, 19:08
I replied to your PM, and nothing.

I am now really getting frustrated because the language titles are still showing on my homepage and none of the other errors has been fixed. Can you please finish this now, and not just go on and off my forum.

I am getting countless PM's from my members now furious about these white pages they keep getting when replying also.

20-08-10, 19:31
Sorry for that.

As you see- sometimes it worked great, but when somebody answer - [langtitle] again. vB still cache this site and it is difficult for me to work.
We will work all weekend on this issue and it will be fixed.

Sorry once again.

22-08-10, 21:58
I'm working on this issue right now. It looks like some vBulletin error. On your forum parser parses correctly only first langtitle and after that for another parsings simply returns same text which should be parsed - without calling appropriate function which should parse the text. Just like it doesn't recognize langtitle bbcode anymore - and it is used the very same parser object to parse next texts. I send you logs details in PM. It could be also some conflict. I'm still looking there and you will be informed if I find anything more.

22-08-10, 22:27
I have solution for you here. Please note that this will not be published in next release, because it looks like your issue is not vBET but, but some vBulletin bug, or integration issue. This issue makes not posible to use same parser several times. So solution is to create new parser for each langtitle parsing. This will decrease your performance (small impact) because more objects will be used. Instructions are bellow.

Please note that if you will not handle this on vBulletin level you will have to made this steps after each vBET update. We will not publish code with decreased performance in next release when it is not related to vBET bug. You can try to find conflict by disabling your other plugins - I will not do this on your forum, because there is too much other plugins and I simply do not want to harm your forum. So you have to look for conflict yourself. If not find then you can ask vB team for help with this bug - in this case we can help you to describe the issue, but you have to write it, because vB team could need to see details on your forum.

To solve this issue (now already made on your forum):
1. Edit /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_bbcode.php
2. Find function vbet_parseTitleMultiple
3. Find and comment in this function:

$parser =& new vB_BbCodeParser($vbulletin, $tag_list, false);
4. Find and comment in this function:

5. Find in this function:

$parsed = $parser->do_parse($toParse, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0);
6. Replace by:

$parser =& new vB_BbCodeParser($vbulletin, $tag_list, false);
$parsed = $parser->do_parse($toParse, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0);

This will change working on same parser object and will create new one for each parsing. As I wrote this will decrease with small impact your performance. Also it should not be needed - same parser should be allowed to be reused. That how it works on our forums and on our other clients forums too. Considering this and logs results - we think that it is vBulletin bug or conflict with some other mod.

If you need any advice with this issue - please just ask. I'm sure that solution requiring changes for each update is not great, but the bug is not on our side. Not according to our actual knowledge about this issue.

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