View Full Version : Solved bug in 4.2.3 ?

14-08-10, 18:47
i did upgraded my vbet to latest version 4.2.3 on vb 4.0.6 with vbseo 3.5.1pl1 , issue is with footer ad where its showing my header are instaed of ad also some weird words like these :-

//0){location.replace('http://www.pdaapps.org/showthread.php?p='+cpostno);};} } if(typeof window.orig_onload == "function") window.orig_onload(); } //]]>

this error occurs only on translated pages, so i temporarily disabled footer ad, please help me :(

14-08-10, 22:55
Can you please give more output..

It would be easiest if you just PM me acces details to your Admin CP and FTP + describe how to reproduce the issue (how to turn on footer ad), but maybe I will be able to help without access when I will have more data.

Also - what is responsible for adding footer ad code? Because if it is other plugin, then we have here some integration issue not a bug.

15-08-10, 19:50
ok let me give more clarification

i use vb 4.0.6 latest version, in vb4 there is an inbuilt advertisement manager which is sue to place ads on my site, issue is arising in footer ad which is replaced by header area and happens only in translated pages, if you want i can give you admin details

just for info i am adding images of my footer area :-

non translated page :-

Desi Pix | Image Sharing And Hosting -Share Your Hot Desi Pix -non translated.GIF (http://www.desipix.info/show.php/2043_nontranslated.GIF.html)

translated page :-

Desi Pix | Image Sharing And Hosting -Share Your Hot Desi Pix -translated page.GIF (http://www.desipix.info/show.php/2044_translatedpage.GIF.html)

please not this error didn't show up in 4.2.2 with same mods

translated page

16-08-10, 22:53
OK - thanks for details. We will check what changed in case of footer in code, and also try to reproduce the issue. Thanks for pictures - could you sent raw HTML output - at least this part which is not as it should be. Also - I think that for Kamil it could be very helpful if he just can access server where the issue already exists - but he will contact you about this himself :)

17-08-10, 18:22

Now, I will try to reproduce and fix this issue.. thanks for description.

18-08-10, 19:59
any updates ?

20-08-10, 19:46
I added an image into footer place for advert, but this is still only image, without any specific code like Adsence etc.
I have a one question: did you add into this footer any specific code or only image with link?
Can you paste an example of this advert code? I will test it.

if not, Can you PM to me or vBET a access to your FTP and admincp, because I cant reproduce this issue on our test forum. It will help up.

23-08-10, 14:14
any news? please, read my previous post. Thanks.

23-08-10, 18:39
sent pm to vbet some 12 hours ago thanks :)

23-08-10, 20:56
Yes, I know that. It will be fixed.

24-08-10, 14:53
When I translate the page I can see this advert. can you enable it?

24-08-10, 15:09
at the moment i manually inserted ad in the template, follow auto insertion process which i mentioned in pm

24-08-10, 17:29
ok, now I can reproduce it on you forum. It will be fixed.

25-08-10, 14:51
i realy need this access

26-08-10, 13:36

Please notice it: If you disable vBSEO this add works perfect and translation works perfect. So vBET works normal but vBSEO broke this advert.
I found it: if you disable plugin global_complete of vBSEO this advert will be good, so it this hook is a conflict.

When I use a print_log to make a log I can see that when vBSEO is enable to my translation function I get a $output with this broken advert. without this plugin (global_complete) is works good.
So we have an integration issue.

I noticed also that you are using vBSEO 351 pl1 but I use the vBSEO 351 without pl1 version, so I must update this vBSEO to pl1 version.

after that I will confirm it.

26-08-10, 15:50
ehh, still I can't reproduce it on my test forum, so I still need access to your forum. Thanks.

I disabled all adverts by admincp->adverting->manager by still I can see this advert on your forum? how I can disable it? do you have this advert in templates?

27-08-10, 15:01
This is vBSEO issue, not vBET. This is issue in global_complete hook of vBSEO.
solution (already done on your forum)
1. go to admincp->Plugins & Products->plugin manager
2. find global_complete hook in vBSEO
3. set Execution Order to 1001
4. save

I tested it and vBSEO links working good and translation of this links is working good too.
after update vBSEO you should always set this Execution Order to 1001

Please confirm it.

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