View Full Version : Rejected Utf8_general_ci recommended over Utf8_bin?

25-07-10, 05:54
Isn't the utf8_general_ci recommended because

utf8_bin: compare strings by the binary value of each character in the string

utf8_general_ci: compare strings using general language rules and using case-insensitive comparisons

On you next version can you add an option that doesn't convert the db table charset?

26-07-10, 07:41
For vBET cache tables we choosed utf8_bin comparator, because we believe this is faster than utf8_general_ci. It is simpler - no rule just compare bytes, so it should be faster that any other comparation based on additional rules (not tested - just based on out logic).
Also we cannot use use utf8_general_ci, because it is canse insensitive, and we need exact matches in cache.

Please note that we do not change anything in vB model, so I do not exactly understand why you are asking about not converting db table charset... We do not convert anything in DB. vBET creates its own tables for cache and do not touch existing ones - nothing is converted there...

26-07-10, 12:57
It's usually a good idea to keep the same charset for the entire database instead of having 2 different because some extra work(query) is involved when communicating between each other no?

26-07-10, 20:12
There is no any communication between vBET cache tables and rest of database schema.

27-07-10, 11:31
I didn't mean to say between vbet and vbulletin I mean't for the search engines

27-07-10, 19:26
Search engines do not see your database.

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