View Full Version : What version of vBET for vB 3.6.8 and vBSEO 3.3?

21-07-10, 19:16
Hi, I am new to this community and very interested in this product.

Can someone please tell me the following:

1. What vBET version supports vBulletin 3.6.8 and vBSEO 3.3?
2. What is the difference between vBET free version and the non-free version?


22-07-10, 07:40
Hello. Officially vBET supports vB3.8 or 4.0 and last release of vBSEO.

Still we have client using vBET on vBulletin 3.6.x - it works fine. There is only one issue related to vBulletin bug and that it is why we are not able to fix it (vBulletin team needs to fix their bug). This issue is with translation of archive pages and only for forums (main archive page and threads archive pages translates well).

The client I'm writing about is not using vBSEO. So I'm sorry, but I cannot tell you how vBET will exactly work with those old versions. Anyway - you can start by testing our free version on your forum. And if it will be OK then you can stay with free one, or buy paid one if you want have much faster translations and support multilingual community :)

20-07-11, 05:43
I had hold on my plan of testing vBET as vBSEO claims they wouldn't support it and it could be(or would be) problematic using vBET with vBSEO.

Anyway today I decided to test what you said (you said it would work with vBSEO) so I installed the free version for a test and I have found out the translation works great!

However, there is a major issue on URLs:

My site is a social networking site (URL xxx.com) integrated with a vBulletin v3.6.8 forum (URL xxx.com/forums).

After installing vBET and made changes to forum root .htaccess, I encountered a problem - once I chose a translation, I cannot go back to xxx.com as all the xxx.com URLs now becomes xxx.com/forums.

For example URL xxx.com/index.php?page=music now becomes xxx.com/forums/index.php?page=music and therefore the social networking part of the site is completely broken as all URLs are redirected to vBulletin forums.

Any idea how to resolve this?

I would certainly purchase this product if this can be resolved.

20-07-11, 06:09
It looks like by turning off URL tracking in vBET configuration I can solve the URL problem. But the translation would stop working in the way it did. Now whichever thread I click, it displays as default English, instead of the previously chosen language, and for every page I will have to click the language flag to translate it. This is not desirable.

I would like the URL tracking to work without screwing up my URL.

20-07-11, 16:26

This is not section for issues. If you have issue with free version then please write here: Free Version vBET2.3.x - vBulletin Enterprise Translator (vBET) (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/free-version-vbet2-3-x/)

Most probably you have wrong configuration or .htaccess rules (check do you hace appropriate value for Forum directory parameter).

22-07-11, 06:45
Hi myandy99, i am using vb 3.6.x too, and vbseo 3.5, vbet paid version works fine almost a year installed, check my posts before

from your description its should be htaccess problem, i have it too before and just paying MichaƂ, integration/installation fee $30 to make vbet working well and integrated with other script/mod

just let the pro installing it for you

22-07-11, 11:38
His issue is because free version do not support translation outside forum. Full version will translate pages outside forum, which are generated with vBulletin engine.

This is thread for the issue: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/free-version-vbet2-3-x/2165-forums-appended-domain-name-across-site.html

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