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21-07-10, 14:55
SInce installing the VBet i get warning during each day about high CPU values. Had to reboot the server once already.

/usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -k start -DSSL is taking 9-10% on a single instance.

I let it ride for 2 weekis thinking it was just caching the pages (75,000) indexed pages so far but it doesnt seem to be relaxing in CPU as of yet.

Any thoughts on this?

21-07-10, 14:56
also this process is around 8%

/usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir=/ --datadir=/var/lib/mysql --user=mysql --pid-file=/var/lib/mysql/server1.ndcasino.net.pid --skip-external-locking

22-07-10, 16:49
please, look in to this thread http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/general-discussions/243-vbet-performance.html

please include it. especially you can make a restricted access to notrelewant pages like memeber pages, search etc.

eventually (finally) try to turn off some language until the cache will not do for other languages.
admincp->vBET -> Flags -> Show flags
Now you have 52 times more content and greater site traffic (server load is associated with additional traffic to the translated pages)

Most users can immediately use 52 (all) flags, without any issue (depends on the forum and the server).
if the cache will be done for other languages, you can include next part of flags.

23-07-10, 16:24
not sure I understand all that. I have a dedicated server that should handle this with ease. Hoe do I confirm the pages are being cached?

23-07-10, 17:27
did you read this article? before swiching off some flags try to use some hints from this article.

try to disable some flags only if the instructions from the article do not help you.

23-07-10, 19:03
I was on your site and I tested it. translation is working in normal time, page loading too.

Can you paste here your CPU load? what is the value?

If your processor load is not in too high value, we do not have to do anything.
So, please paste here value of CPU load.

23-07-10, 20:44
OK, caching is turned on, Ill restrict the items suggested in robots.txt

Load Averages: 2.39 2.62 2.41

these averages range from here to 4.x 4.x 4.x consistantly, these where usually on the .00 to .01 range

Now, I am running SQL 4.2 still, would a move to 5.x improve health?

24-07-10, 11:00
hmm. I was on your site and translation working in normal time (all forum is working in normal time) so I think, you do not have to do anything. CPU is to use it and the CPU load is not too large.

Please note that vBET practically takes no resources for normal pages (only generates flags) so all your additional resource usage comes from additional traffic - traffic to translated pages. More traffic = more resource needed.

I propose not to exclude any flags (translation is working in normal time) because it is not nessesary.

As I wrote before: Now you have 52 times more content and greater site traffic and CPU load must be higher.

OK, caching is turned on, Ill restrict the items suggested in robots.txt
This will definitely help.

would a move to 5.x improve health? I will ask MichaƂ about it.

24-07-10, 20:52
thanks, ill keep an eye out.

27-07-10, 04:20
Thing is just being beat into the ground on SQL....

27-07-10, 11:34
Your dedicated server must be at least a P4 with 2gb otherwise you'll experience problems if your server is that or better and you're still experiencing problems you should tweak my.cnf

and yes you should move along to 5.x

27-07-10, 18:51
ok, i bought a new server so Im migrating this week.

p4 quad 4 gig raid and 64bit OS... should be a big step up

27-07-10, 19:36
Please rethink 64bit OS. If you do not have lot of RAM memory, then 64bit OS will only decrease your performance. Please note that in 64bit OS each pointer takes twice space. So your memory usage will be bigger...

Also it is not necessary to have at least 2GB of RAM. Our forum is on VPS and we have now 1128MB of RAM. Everything really depends on your forum size and traffic - like with any application.

29-07-10, 05:29
Sorry to contradict you Michael but like I said above he should have at least a P4 3.0Ghz CPU with 2GB Ram on a dedicated server because vBET is server intensive. You have 8K users with 4k posts so thats why you don't have problems (for now) but consider that every time that a dedicated server has to upgrade specs the person needs to reprovision the server himself (unassisted plan) and do everything all over again which is a pain in the neck so if he has the possibility to start off good he should do it.

A VPS server is not like a dedicated server-DoItYourself and ByYourself, you share you server with other people so if your forum starts to grow rapidly your server will start to harass you about downtime for other users and in the end you'll end up being treated just like a common shared server (it's just a matter of time).

As for the quad he over did it a bit and at the most I'd recommend an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz with 4GB ram.


29-07-10, 13:05
Please note that when your forum gorws up you need more resources no matter that you have vBET or not. vBET simply makes your forum rows 52 times faster (each messages in 52 languages) so you can notice it faster. But if you had 52 times larger forum without vBET you would still need more resources.

Please note that on VPS you act like you have your own server - virtually. You have there dedicated RAM and CPU resources, so other virtual instances has no impact at all on yours.

Also - I'm not trying to convince anybody to switch for VPS - I just wrote that it is not necessary to have so much RAM as you wrote before. There is no Golden Hammer - there is no one solution perfect for all. It all depends on your forum size and traffic. I understand that your recommendation is based on your experience with your forum, please note that other forums have other characteristic - just like you noted size of our forum and that it will still grow (this is what I personally like in VPS - it is easy to extend - just few clicks, few seconds and it is working on bigger resources).

Please note that before commercial version was created I successfully run forum with vBET on shared server - without any issues. And free vBET version is much slower. Now on our VPS we are running 2 forums with vBET and also one additional server for our internal services is on. And we keep it with only 1128MB ram. That is why I do reccomend to check details of actual server characteristic. CPU usage, memory usage, response time - and then decide what (if anything) is needed more.

29-07-10, 18:56
Michael I'm not saying that vbet is the only resourse hog, other mods take up resources too (people like to over mod their forums) that's why a person should understand what he/she is going against and what they want to obtain when starting a forum meaning that if he wants something out of it (adsense ecc.), they should invest in a dedicated server from the beginning nothing too powerful like ctrenks because that's an overkill but an economy dedicated plan is recommended.

Many years ago I to started with a shared server and I changed at least 4 companies but in the end everyone suspended me because of the downtime that I caused for other users, finally I moved to a VPS and after 5/6 months I was suspended again so I moved to a economy dedicated plan then a bigger plan 2 weeks ago.

I totally agree with you when you say that people should know their server specs, forum statistics and forum goals and I also highly recommend vBET to everyone because it's getting faster and lighter with every release.

Regards :)

01-08-10, 21:20
ok, I have migrated to a new server and set dns to change over, but in testing with a host entry for my IP, when i change lang I just get a blank screen. would love to be sure this is somthing to do with resolution than an actual problem.


Server should be live soon

can see here httX://

01-08-10, 21:42
OK, server is live on new box now and all lang pages are blank. I am hoping this is a simple isse we can knock out quickly

I tar'd the entire server and transfered so no files have changed.

02-08-10, 01:22
OK, I did not have cUrl installed :) All good now!

02-08-10, 10:42
Thanks for confirmation :)

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