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20-07-10, 19:47
Hi, can I get some info or confirmation whether vBET works with LiteSpeed please?


20-07-10, 19:56
At this moment we didn't try to use vBET under LiteSpeed. It should work without any issue with links type with language parameter. But if you want to use it with SEO inks then there must be support for redirection rules. Please tell us does such support exist - if you are using vBulletin with vBSEO under LiteSpeed and it is working then for sure you can use vBET there - just need to rewrite rules for LiteSpeed. In such case - please give us your full redirection rules and we will give you back updated rules for vBET :)

20-07-10, 20:37
This is what I got from my hosting company:

Litespeed is compatable with apache 2.x style rewrites. Simply drop them into .htaccess as you normally would with apache.

So you would know what to do from there I suppose.

Thanks Michal!

20-07-10, 21:01
In such case vBET should normally work on LiteSpeed without any issues and with normal installation instructions :) Should - because we didn't test it, but you always can do it with our free version if you are still thinking about buying paid one. So you can to check it without any risk, ask for help in case of issues, and then stay with free one or buy paid one if you want have it much better and faster :)

Please tell do you need our future assistance here? :)

21-07-10, 03:24
ehhhh**********thanks Michal. I have the paid version for like 3 months already. (CreativX**********.iSpy....)

21-07-10, 07:20
Yes - but somebody else was asking about it also, so I gave generic response and gave him link there in PM - sorry for confusion ;)

As I understand now it is working on LiteSpeed and we can mark this issue solved - yes? :)

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