View Full Version : Already proposed vbet_guestcache too big add an empty command in the cpanel

16-07-10, 16:15
vbet_guestcache too big add an empty command in the cpanel

It took me 4 hrs on a quad rigged server to empty (manually) the content, this is exaggerated and I feel that some kind of compression is needed here and with the vbet tables cache and another thing how about adding a flush button for this to in the admincp?


18-07-10, 10:26
ok, but I dont understand exacly,

You write that you dont have options in admincp (issue) or suggest adding a new feature? (flush button)
if yes I am moving a topic to request features

18-07-10, 10:39
Instead emptying the tables manually from my dmin can you add an option to flush it in the admincp?

20-07-10, 19:47
We already have request for reducing size of guest case and also to add possibility to clear database cache from Admin CP - all accepted :)

Please note that at this moment to reduce guest cache you can simply add more pages to ignore. And to reduce database cache just change cache time to live to smaller. But in booth cases it will have negative impact on performance, because more often results wil be taken from Google what takes much more time.

20-07-10, 19:50
Also - you already wrote same thing in the thread where this was already proposed (exactly here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/feature-requests/798-vbet_guestcache-big-2.html#post3867)

PLEASE STOP SPAM! This thread will be removed soon - it is enought when you put your information once :)

20-07-10, 22:51
There's no need to be rude because we don't live in the 1940s you know, and I'm not spamming, if someone would respond more promptly it wouldn't be necessary to repeat it over and over and furthermore we are talking about 2 different things.

In another thread you said that you'd make a database flusher we never talked about the ftp vbet_guestcache file deleter in the admincp?!?

How about my other problem in the translated titles -> F.. ., I'm still waiting for a response.


21-07-10, 07:38
Sorry if you took my comment as rudeness. It was not my intention. Please take my apologies for that. I just wanted make you visible to not write about same issue in several places, because I already asked you about this before and explained that it only makes mess on forum and in our team, and that is why we have to clean such things. One thread per one issue is enough. Otherwise we have issues with managing it and with assigning it to our staff. That is why I made it bold and in upper cases - I already asked you about not writing same info several times (what on this forum is considered as spam and on at least several others which I know also) and fought that you miss it before. Just didn't want you miss it now.

Even now I'm awaking you to confirm that some other 2 threads made by you are really about one issue or not (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/bug-reporting/755-langtitle%3Dsk%5Df-bug.html#post3705)... And it is hanging like that since weeks (here you are writing that you are wayting for our response - look there we are wayting for yours since 2 weeks ;)). Writing several times about one issue you simply makes it longer to evaluate not faster. So just please stop doing it and if you have an issue - make thread about it - just 1 - we will handle it. That is why we have statuses about out thread - to be sure does something still requires our attention or not.

Once again sorry if you took my comment not too well :o And really thanks for your comment about this – I will put more attention to make such questions more gently. Hope we can build our future relations with understanding and good feelings :)

About issues which are still on – under link please confirm does it is same issue as in other our thread. And in 2nd one please send required data which I just asked about yesterday. I was on vacation on the sea so I was not able to solve any issues and Kamil was working on many issues in same time. Now when I'm back it should be done fast :)

And you are right - you didn't wrote about Admin CP cache clearing before. It was already asked in other thread by someone else, so I set here status as already proposed.

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