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Magical Pro Teachings - Magic

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Magical Pro Teachings Is Now Available In 52 Foreign Languages
See Link Below Please To Become A Member Of A Multi-National Magic Site
Where The Language Barrier Has Been Broken For All Magicians Around The Globe To Communicate

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this is great, im writing this in english, but posting in arabic

08-11-09, 16:03
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ADDONS folder of the CD, there are several software

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how do i add that wrap??
i cant find it lol :)

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You didn't :p Just read reason of editing :) Mistakes in BBcodes was corrected by administration.

Also if you set your default language in User CP, then mod will automatically add those wraps, by adding lang BBCodes according to your user default language and editor options (you are able to disable it for each message).

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see how do i translate this???

Hi! Ich hab auf meinem Kanal jetzt eingestellt, dass man da Kommentare hinterlassen kann (vorher war das nicht so). Aber im Moment siehts da noch ziemlich leer aus! Und da du meine Vids abboniert hast und ja schon mei manch einem meiner Videos ein Kommentar drunter geschrieben hast, dachte ich mir, du könntest ja (wenn du Lust hast) einen freundlichen Kanalkommentar bei mir hinterlassen! Wäre echt nett! Aber nur, wenns dir nicht zur Last fällt! ;)
Einen schönen Tag noch, Mentaleo

09-11-09, 14:46
The MPT Magic Site is now translated into 52 languages, so go take a look, and pass the word to other spanish magicians :-
Magical Pro Teachings - Magic (http://www.magicalproteachings.com/)

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