View Full Version : Solved BIG Problem... gzip only works with vbet disabled...

13-07-10, 20:53
I'm having many, many problems with VBET after speending 185 Euros. I ask for help please.
Gzip doesn't work with vbet enabled, when i disabled works again.
My server has gzip off, and i have vbulletin's gzip enabled and compression=1

This is causing a big big problem on google indexing.
Please, i accept your help but don't tell that your product works perfect with a smile, i'm quiet nervious about what happened this last days.

14-07-10, 13:49
how i can check it on my server? please describe it.

14-07-10, 21:29
Don't know, i 'm asking you if have any idea...
What should i look for??

15-07-10, 13:33
ok, but i don't know what does it mean "gzip is not working"

15-07-10, 15:30
It means:

WhatsMyIP.org HTTP Compression Test (http://www.whatsmyip.org/http_compression/)

And you will see...

15-07-10, 15:40
Thanks for this url. I will read it and try to fix it.

16-07-10, 19:38
I solved the problem. I discovered that if i disable file chache for guests, then VB's gzip works again. This is not an ideal solution but i need gzip most.

17-07-10, 16:31
Thanks for that, cache for guest is still BETA version..
I noticed it and when MichaƂ comes back we will try to fix it.
this may be the bug.. so I will move this thread to bug section.

06-08-10, 13:47
hello pepito 69,

I need to reproduce this issue on my test forum, so I would like to know how do you run this gzip for site?.
Do you gziped your site by vBulletin options -> Cookies and HTTP Header Options
by your server ssh using mod_gzip or mod_deflate on your server?

Thanks, It will help me.

10-08-10, 12:06
My server has gzip off, and i have vbulletin's gzip enabled and compression=1

ahhh sorry for previous question. ok i found it.

10-08-10, 20:07
Solved. More - when GZIP is turned on by vBulletin, then vBET will cache already zipped files, so it will take much less space on hard drive :)

It will be included in vBET 3.3.5 and vBET 4.2.3

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