View Full Version : vBET staff absence for 2 business days

07-07-10, 11:28
Hi :)

Having in ming the best interest of our customers I would like oficially announce that vBET suport team will be absent in 8-11 July. It is 2 business days + 2 weekend days. Please do not plan any updates in this time - we will be not able to help you in case of some issues.

I would like to sorry for such situation which happens first time in vBET history. I know that it shouldn't ever happen, but Kamil already had planned and paid vacations before he join us and I was planning my vacations having in mind that I will have substitute. In short words: I scrued and I'm really sorry for that. As appologies we will give additional 1 month of free updates to all our customers.

Today I will close as many issues as I will be able before leave. The rest will handle Kamil - he will be on forum since Monday. I will be on the sea so I will have no possibility at all to handle any issue - please do not PM me. Write on forum, so Kamil will be able to help you.

For all our customers: Once again very sorry, and hope that 1 month of bonus free updates will make you feel that we care about you.
For all my friends: Wish me great time! :)


I will give additinal 1 month of updates after return. I will back from sea 19th July. Feel free to remind me if you will not see additional month after 20th.

13-07-10, 13:15

Our forum is working again.
I am alone now but I will try to help all!

14-07-10, 15:37
Have a nice trip

19-07-10, 07:25
Hi :)

I just want to let you know that I'm back again :) I heard, that there was some server issue, but it was solved by Kamil. I will response to all PM and posts requiring my support, just after handling few business things waiting for me after vacations - so soon enough.

Trip was wonderful and still - good to be back :)

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