View Full Version : Solved Problem with some words with accens

04-07-10, 18:13
Another problem i found, very extrange is that some words with accents are cuted in the vocal with the accent (by saying accent i mean this à).
But some are well translated. Foe example this sentence is original in spanish and we got this in catalan:

Només es traducirn els fòrums pròpiament per ara, el meu següent repte serà la galeray.

En Teoria, això pot fer que d'aqu poc multipliquem les visites x2 al fòrum.

Should be:
Només es traduiran els fòrums pròpiament per ara, el meu següent repte serà la galeria.

En Teoria, això pot fer que d'aquí poc multipliquem les visites x2 al fòrum

04-07-10, 20:04
I found that it happens with every language, when translate to english also the "translator" eats some vocals. Why?

05-07-10, 08:56
can you paste here this message:

Només es traduiran els fòrums pròpiament per ara, el meu següent repte serà la galeria.

En Teoria, això pot fer que d'aquí poc multipliquem les visites x2 al fòrum
in original version? (in first language)

05-07-10, 09:18
Yes, of course:

Solo se traducirán los foros propiamente por ahora, mi siguiente reto va a ser la galería.
En teoría, esto puede hacer que de aquí poco multipliquemos las visitas x2 al foro

05-07-10, 12:50
I checked it on google and it is translated well.
I checked it on my test forum and it is translated well too.

Are you sure that you have done all the setup and integration steps of vBET described in the readme.html? Can you check it?

If integration is ok, try to find a conflict with other mods. To do this, you should disable other mods without vBET.
After that just try to find this issue.

If not conflict, just send to me access to your forum admincp and FTP by PM. I will try to find a bug in our code and fix it.

06-07-10, 00:07
Only properly translate the forums for now, my next challenge will be to the gallery. In theory, this can make here shortly x2 multiply visits to the forum

06-07-10, 00:13
It is working corectly - as you can see in my previous post after going to Catalan translation. I think that Google was translating in wrong way recently, it is already corrected by Google, but you have it still cached and that is why your forum still shows what you described.

You can easily check it - just write on your forum new post with similar text, but with some changes (so it will not be taken from cache). I bet it will translate OK :)

Please note that translation quality is Google issue. I know that it looks like we loose something, but you can check it here and on our forum with new messae that it is OK.

Cache will expire in few days and translation will be taken again from Google - this time with better quality. It is good to have automatic cache cleaner :)

Please confirm that it is like I described with new, changed message, so I will be able to close this issue.

06-07-10, 00:50
Sorry :) it's not a Google problem

It's not a cache problem... i did the test with new words:


And when i translate them to Catalan i get this:


But with google translate webpage i get them in the right way:

gran grup

I have vbulletin and vbet as readme text says.

But also in english:
If i write in spanish this sentences (but now i wanted to make an experiment):

seguramente estás muy contento (tricky)

seguramente estás muy contento

To english:
you're probably very happy

certainly very happy EST

First translated sentence is right, not second.
I can see now more problems, words with Ñ have problems also. <!--vBET_SNTA-->
añadir is translated to english as: "aadir" and should be "add"
As you can see, the translation destroys the original word and can not understand the meaning, and all has to do with special characters. My forum is not set as UTF-8, if you are interested.

What could be the problem please?

07-07-10, 13:04
I hecked again given text on forum in other encoding and it still looks fine (also I checked all the words you gave now and it is also OK). vBET fully supprtos forums not in utf-8 - most of our customers have forums in other encodings...

Please make sure that message language is apropriatelly recognized. Does the message is inside of lang bbcode - if yes then please check that there is approprite language code. If not - does message is really in your forum default language. In booth cases - please put attenstion to vBET configuration for language detection. We suggest to use Google detection strategy.

If message language is appropraiatelly recognized, then we chave to check it on your server, since we are not able to reproduce the issue - it even can be some Apache, php bug (we had once something like that in one customer and it was his php bug). In such case please PM Kamil access details for Admin CP and FTP. He will investigate the issue. Also you can try first to update your PHP version.

Also please make sure that your forum default language is set appropriatelly.

07-07-10, 16:28
Could be a php problem, or something outside vbet. I will study this:
it even can be some Apache, php bug (we had once something like that in one customer and it was his php bug)

But in this case, this should be very very extrange.

If not succes i will PM Kamil

14-07-10, 19:34
You said:
vBET supports all encodings, but it is best if your forum uses utf-8 encoding, otherwise for each translation vBET have to re-encode whole page and do other additional tricks (also special characters takes much more place in DB cause those are changed to &#CODE; notation). If you are already running forum, there is no easy way to switch encoding (still it exists), but if you are creating new one then please consider to run it on utf-8 encoding which is designed to multilingual support.

I think that converting my forum to UTF-8 will solve the problem. Do you Know any way to do that? I read that someone who did it solved the problem.

15-07-10, 13:43
I found this article: Converting vBulletin to UTF-8 (http://mansurovs.com/tech/converting-vbulletin-to-utf-8)

19-07-10, 08:33
hello pepito69, what about this threads?

19-07-10, 10:49
I think that of of the last things to try is converting the forum to UTF-8 cause many words cannot be translated due errors in accens and special symbols like: ñ
Michal once said it:
Change encoding of whole vB forum - how to? - vBulletin.org Forum (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=223870)

I can not do this test now cause i have to backup and test it in special conditions and i don't have time enough maybe in august.

19-07-10, 11:07
ok, I understand. You answer if you do it

19-07-10, 11:20
make sure you backup your forum because if its big you might encounter custom bbcode errors that "most of the time" can be fixed with the tools.php

You might have problems with your email notifications and other little things that must be fixed.

20-07-10, 21:15
I think that converting my forum to UTF-8 will solve the problem. Do you Know any way to do that? I read that someone who did it solved the problem.

This is not necessary - vBET fully supports not UTF-8 forums. Personally I'm owner of one not UTF-8 forum (in Polish) which is working fine. So the issue is on other level. Changing encoding can help in your case - but it is not necessary to run vBET. We advice to look for issue source or even let us in on your forum to check it. Because if it is some issue on other level it is advised to heal the wound - not only put a bandage ;)

21-07-10, 07:52
Thanks Michal, i'm glad to see you here again.

Before converting anything i will try different things but know i have a new problem with the template, in main forums pages is bad layed and i didn't anything new.
Thanks a lot Mario06 for your advices.

25-07-10, 06:08
vBET fully supports all charsets but with the UTF8 charset there's less queries

26-07-10, 07:44
Even not less queries. Queries number is same, but witch utf-8 CPU usage is lower, because we do not need to reencode results, so also results are faster.

09-08-10, 11:38
I still waiting for answer. no answer - I assume that is ok.
If not ok, please write here and I will open this thread again

14-08-10, 13:41
Is not ok, is not solved....

Let's supose that is a php apache problem you said you found it once. What was the problem you found in other forums?
Now, im asking you.

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