View Full Version : Solved vbet generate a vbseo bug

28-06-10, 14:58
guys after installing vbet

urls like


is not been redirect to the new sef url
that should be


for example. please take a look and give a needed workaround to solve this.


30-06-10, 15:41
which version of vBET and vBULETTIN you have?

30-06-10, 15:45
this is happening in all vbulletin/vbet versions you can test this problem here in this website.

30-06-10, 15:50
true.. :)

I thought that the point is that it does not go to the relevant page.

Now I know what's going on.

Confirmed.. We will check it.

02-07-10, 17:08
any news here ???

02-07-10, 22:18
At this moment we identified that it is because of global_start hook. We still have to investigate what exactly there causes it to be able to solve it. We hope to have it solved soon - sorry if it takes too long for you. I will personally describe quick fix as soon as we will have solution.

05-07-10, 00:03
We have solution for that for vBET 3.x (already solved on our forum):

1. Edit includes/vbenterprisetranlator_functions_hooks.php
2. Find:

if (THIS_SCRIPT == 'showthread' && 'VBSEO_URI' == $vbulletin->options['vbenterprisetranslator_linkstype'] && $_GET['t']) {
3. Replace by:

if (THIS_SCRIPT == 'showthread' && 'VBSEO_URI' == $vbulletin->options['vbenterprisetranslator_linkstype'] && $_GET['t'] && $_REQUEST['goto'] != 'newpost') {

We still do not have it solved for vBET 4.x, but working on it.

05-07-10, 00:27
thanks i will be waiting for vbet 4 fix :)

05-07-10, 06:42
And here it goes :)

Solved - will be included in next release. For quick fix:
1. Edit vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php

Edit: correct form
2. Find:

if (isset($_GET['t']) && false !== strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'showthread.php')) {
3. Replace by:

if (isset($_GET['t']) && !isset($_GET['p']) && false !== strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'showthread.php')) {

05-07-10, 12:08
is not the inverse ?

05-07-10, 12:23
You're right. This should be inverse. Sorry for mistake;)

05-07-10, 12:45
with the inverse of code from vbet still not working for me.... anyone can confirm if i'm doing something wrong ?

05-07-10, 12:52
may be the correct code is

if (isset($_GET['t']) && !isset($_GET['goto']) && false !== strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'showthread.php')) {

05-07-10, 13:00
Our code is works perfect on our test forum. Please, send to Michal a PM with access to your FTP.
He will try to fix it.

05-07-10, 13:02

this worked for me
if (isset($_GET['t']) && !isset($_GET['goto']) && false !== strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'showthread.php')) {

but with $_GET['p'] as suggested nothing changes**********
since the problem is with get variable goto why you need check if variable p is set ?

can you confirm this ?

05-07-10, 13:19
Both suggestions are good. Codes properly operate on a test forum.. I'll write about it to Michal.

05-07-10, 17:16
come back, come back,

try to do this (with your code):
1. translate the page (no matter what language)
2. use go to the first new post

Can you see? Page is not translated.

05-07-10, 23:20
I'm checking it right now.

05-07-10, 23:41
I made many tests and it is working on our side in given code. Please try this:
1. Set changes as we described it ('goto' doesn't exist before execution goes trought vBSEO - that what our logs tells us)
2. Create new test post
3. Check does for this newone it is working.

If it is - then just flush caches. Probably should work flusching in Admin cp -> Maintenance -> Update Counters. Try Rebuild Forum Information maybe also some others. If it will work for new one ten itmeans that it is working and you just have cached old (wrong) redirections.

Please try this and give us feedback - if it still doesn't work, then I need to go and check it on your server.

06-07-10, 00:51
vbet my tests are under vbulletin 4.0.4pl1

and your code

if (isset($_GET['t']) && !isset($_GET['p']) && false !== strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'showthread.php')) {

is not working for me but...

if (isset($_GET['t']) && !isset($_GET['goto']) && false !== strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'showthread.php')) {

is working fine... do you have any idea if this code can do something your code ?

07-07-10, 11:57
OK - I will check does condition foe goto will also work on our side. As I understand at this moment you have vorking solution. So it is not urgent issue. I assure you that in next release we will inclue solution which will work on ours and your server.

The difference can be in vB version - we checked it on vB 4.0.4 - we will update and recheck.

11-08-10, 12:42
ok, Confirmed.
Yours solution is working on out test forum too.
we will work towards an appropriate version and It will be included in the new relase.

11-08-10, 15:21
OK so - if confirmed, then it wil be applied. It will be included in vBET 4.2.3 :)

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