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27-06-10, 10:57
Hello I'm using vbseo sitemap generator without vbseo, I just wanted to know the best setting for it since I've noticed that my translated posts are not being indexed on google and i've checked and found all 52 languages in database are full (translations working), just my forum native language ones are indexed on google.

Can someone help me in configuring it since I might of done something wrong or not write?

Or do I have a Problem elsewhere because I don't understand this?

Best Regards

27-06-10, 22:35
No one?

With all these success stories why am I so unlucky?

I have the foreign visitors coming (alot) and foreign Google adds (alot) but I don't see the language translated indexing (none)?!?

28-06-10, 01:52
Can you post your url so some members can take a look?

For what it is worth, I found it better to translate the 10 or so most popular languages. Start with wealthy countries that may have an interest in your topic. Eg. for a football forum I would translate the European languages (Spanish and Portuguese are also spoken in south america) I would also include Japanese and South Korean.

Consider the Philippines have a GDP per capita of about $1,800 USD, compare this to Norway which is about $94,000 USD. Many African countries have a GDP per capita under $500 p/a. :eek:

Which countries are more likely to contain users who will buy and advertisers who spend?

If Googlebot was going to crawl 1 million pages of your website per month, would you want it crawling your French or Norwegian pages or your Filipino or Afrikaans pages? ;)

Without seeing your site, I reckon most people are mad trying to get 52 languages indexed. Narrow it down to a few affluent economies and concentrate on those.

28-06-10, 05:04
My sites about mobiles.
Anyway this success story has them al on: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet-good-stories/687-increased-my-revenue-%2420-day-up-%24200-day.html

and as he said he went to 12,000 urls indexed within google, and now has over 130,000 & still climbing, i had 59100 before vbet and now have 61000 with 52x?!?

http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet-good-stories/719-another-success-story.html here the owner is having another success story without using a sitemap (might this be the problem?), I'm using a sitemap because as far back as my memory goes it was always recommended?!?

PS. Can more setup details be put into these success stories because everything is just a bit too generic for me?


05-07-10, 07:27
Please note that you are asking us why Google didn't indexed yet more of your pages - this is question to Google...
Still we can give you some hints:
1. Make sure what are you blocking in robots.txt and check when last changes was made there. If you started blocking some sites recently (in last 2-3 months) - like member pages, as we recommend - then Google is not only indexing your new sites, but also removes blocked one from index.
2. Google crawls and index pages with his own not know algorithms - still some thinks about those are known. I.e. your Page Rank will determine how fast Google will update indexes about your sites.
3. You have not officially supported by vBET version of vBulletin - 3.6.x and because of that all your archive pages were broken after vBET installation. We solved this issue recently - so archive is working again on your forum. Still because of vBulletin bug your translated forum archive pages are not working so Google will not index those and also will not find translated threads archive pages (because links to those are on forum archive pages). Just as reminder - please see here for details: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/troubleshooting/804-vbet-serious-bug-found.html

About sitemap - please note that posts written by our users are written by our users ;) It do not have to represent vBET team official statements. It is very good to have sitemap. It is not necessary to integrate vBET with Sitemap generator, but it is supported if you want to do it. If you will not then Google will find links to your translated pages anyway - just by crawling your forum (you have links to translated pages under flags - Google also see it).

About putting more details into success stories, again: posts written by our users are written by our users. So please ask thread authors about details. You can PM them or ask or more details in thread which you are interested about.

Please tell do you expect some more information/hints/assistance about this issue or we can close it.

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