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26-06-10, 02:08
The vbet_guestcache may be a good idea but it is now several gigabyte big and several thousandths files. Was it intended to work this way?

27-06-10, 00:02
Yes. It caches complete HTML output - just as written in parameter description. How much it will take depends on how big your forum is.

Please note that you can always set additional ignored pages, or just disable it completely it you do not have disc space.

27-06-10, 00:19
Sure I could disable it but I wanted to reduce the serverload. Maybe you could write in the acp settings that this can blow up server space, not everybody may have 25 gigs of space. Or better to find a way to reduce the size.

27-06-10, 00:31
Not everybody needs even 1 GB for this. As I wrote cache size depends on forum size. It caches each possible forum page it if is not in ignored set. Small forums have small amount of pages. Big forums have more pages and also more resources.

Anyway - it is good idea to make people be more aware what does it mean that full HTML output will be cached and add there information that it can take lot of disc space.

About reducing size - we can add option to zip cache files. It will take more server resources when cache is written, but reading it and sending such response will be faster.
Also we can add scheduled task which will automatically remove files which are too old. At this moment we do not do this - if file is too old it is simply overwritten during next request.

I'm moving this thread to Feature Requests :)

05-07-10, 17:03
It would be absolutly easy:
add a option to cache only X gigabytes and then delete the ones wich get less often visited.

07-07-10, 09:53
Lol, after i installed the new version with cache i never looked how much its using until now:

Debian-50-lenny-64-minimal:~# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/md2 688G 80G 573G 13% /
tmpfs 4.0G 0 4.0G 0% /lib/init/rw
udev 10M 764K 9.3M 8% /dev
tmpfs 4.0G 0 4.0G 0% /dev/shm
/dev/md1 2.0G 86M 1.9G 5% /boot

LOL! Before my hdd was used with 8GiG! Thats "great", btw it seems it caches wrong files eg:

I dont want to cache Blogs, Tags and Attachments Oo

07-07-10, 10:16
I dont want to cache Blogs, Tags and Attachments Oo

You can add them to the ignore option. :)

07-07-10, 12:11
It would be absolutly easy:
add a option to cache only X gigabytes and then delete the ones wich get less often visited.

This is also an option. First we will implement scheduled cleaner and maybe zipper (have to investigate this approach), because keeping statistics will have some impact on performance and for us performance is one of key issues. Still - we will keep in mind also this solution if other will be not sufficient :)

07-07-10, 12:14
You can add them to the ignore option. :)

Exactly - just add it ti ignored. Anyway thanks for note - we will add ignoring atachements and tags as default ignore configuration. Blogs are something which many users can have cached, so we will not add it as fedault - but we made it configurable exactly for such cases - you want something more to be ignored. So just ignore it! :)

07-07-10, 12:18
Also I just figure out that we can hange files naming template and include in file name does it considers less relevant pages or not. This way every day when automatic cleaning will be started it will recognizes appropriatelly cache file time to live and will clean more files. The first idea was to clean everything if it is older than not relevant pages should be. Now we will clean relevant cache pages faster - so you will save additional disc space! :)

16-07-10, 17:50
this problem must be addressed, it took me 4 hrs to eliminate it all on a quad machine furthermore some type of manual flush|clean button must be added here to and instead of adding them manually like Steve said there should be boxes where you can set each individual settings on or off by adding a check mark something like vbseo sitemap generators settings does

10-08-10, 01:00
Automatic guest cache cleaner added. Also added administrative tool for guest cache cleaning. Booth will be included in vBET 3.3.5 and vBET 4.2.3

The idea to ZIP cached files at this moment is rejected, because not all browsers can support getting ZIPed response and unzipping it each time will consume CPU resource which is much more valuable than hard drive resource. In case of any ideas in this area – please open new feature request for that. In this one we already had few requests and it is not able to manage anymore here.

10-08-10, 20:10
Little correction - vBET will support ZIPping guest cache files. When vBulletin option "GZIP HTML Output" is turned on, then vBET will cache already ZIPped file. Of course in such case vBET will send appropriate headers, when content from cache will be send :)

It will be included in vBET 3.3.5 and vBET 4.2.3

04-10-10, 16:13
Michal, yesterday vbet reached the limit of my 75gb webspace and since then I am deleting all of the ~74 GB cache files.
On a default installation this is a non acceptable behavior. Please fix this for the next release.
Thank you.

05-10-10, 07:58
Please note that there is no bug, so there is nothing to fix. You have large forum and you set vBET to completely cache it in 52 different languages. This is what vBET made. vBET do not support caching on external resources and such thing would have no sense, because sending it and getting it back would be more costly than normal generation of page. So you must use your own resources for file cache.

Please note that you can set to ignore additional pages in Guest Cache by Ignore in Full File Cache For Guests or just turn it off completely if your server has not enough resources to use this feature. By default vBET ignores those pages: register,search,login,attachment,tags.
You can add some more pages to ignore - those will not be cached, so those will not be stored in files and those will generate normally each time taking more of your CPU and memory resources. This is something for something. Performance savings comes from storing results in static files and you must have place for that or tune Guest Cache up (by ignoring more type of pages).

We are open for suggestions. If you have any suggestions how to improve vBET Guest Cache functionality, we will be happy to consider it and improve if it will be accepted :)

Also – if you find that automatic cache cleaner do not work for cache files – please note it as bug.

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