View Full Version : vBET 3.3.4 and vBSEO 3.3.2 issue

24-06-10, 12:33

Please note that vBET in version 3.3.4 has issue with vBSEO 3.3.2 - there is redirection loop - it will cause very high server load and some of translated pages will be crashed.

It is completely solved if you upgrade your vBSEO to 3.5.1

Also - if anyone wants to upgrade to vBET 3.3.4 and still use vBSEO 3.5.1 we strongly recommend to do it first on some test forum instance and let us in there. We tested vBET on last possible versions - and those are supported, still we are wiling to solve this issue for vBSEO 3.3.2 version. So if anyone is interested - please let us know and PM access details to forum with such configuration. As I wrote officially we support last releases and all our test forums are already upgraded.

26-07-10, 18:29
any update on this? for some reason I cannot get vbseo 3.5 to work correctly on my vbulletin 3.8 install.

26-07-10, 20:10
No - we didn't even investigate this as obvious vbseo issue which is corrected in their newest version. That is why it we didn't look for solution - it is just already solved.

We officially supports latest release, but we can take a look why it happens with this old vBSEO version if we get access to some test instance with such configuration. So if you have test instance with those version and PM us access there we can check what is going on.

Anyway - it is advised to made update. If you have issues with updating to newest vBSEO version you should go to their staff for help.

10-08-10, 21:20

I've installed into an endless loop, but I can not use because it helps you be in any way?

11-08-10, 12:17
which version of vBSEO are you using?
Try to update your vBSEO to the later version.

If this is another issue, please describe it here

11-08-10, 19:45
I can not upgrade to new versions Version vBSEO 3.3.3 because my license has expired.

What else can I do?

12-08-10, 09:28
You can downgrade your vBET version - with earlier vBET version this issue didn't exist. Still we do not recommend this solution, because each vBET release is more optimized and have more features.

You can also PM us access details to your Admin CP, FTP and vBSEO CP, we will check it. Please note that usually we support only last releases, because those have corrected bugs. So we do not guarantee to solve the issue which is on vBSEO side (because vBSEO update solves the issue). If we find it fast - we solve it. If not, then we can spend more time with this issue as paid integration service which costs $30 if you agree.

12-08-10, 12:10
Give what you mean $ 30?

I can not install due to you from your mistakes.

And you've lifted me for the want of money.

Give up your attachment was not found return me my money ...

13-08-10, 10:34
Kasili, as MichaƂ wrote - you can send to us PM with your admincp and FTP details and we will try to fix this issue, but we do not guarantee to solve the issue which is on vBSEO side (because vBSEO update solves the issue).
this issue is on the vBSEO side.

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