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23-06-10, 11:34
Sorry for the double post.

I urgently need help. After the upgrade I have this error on top of my forum:

Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in [path]/global.php(400) : eval()'d code on line 1153

My whole forum is completely messed up. For some reason this only happens if not logged in. So for guests. If logged in, everything is fine.

EDIT: OK I realized that after I disabled the Use 'Full File Cache For Guests (BETA!)' everything is fine. So there must be something wrong there. (And I did CHMOD 777 -R vbet_guestcache)

23-06-10, 12:56

can you paste here url to your forum? I would like to check it.

23-06-10, 13:13
I have turned the Full File Cache For Guests off. Otherwise my forum is completely broken. I have too many members and guests online to even have this on for 5 minutes mate. Sorry.

CreativX - Powered by vBulletin (http://creativx.net/forums/)

EDIT: lol....sorry, I just saw that you are staff. Let me know when you can check it, and I will enable the guest cache again.

23-06-10, 13:25
Do not switch it yet,We will try to resolve it without using your forum.

23-06-10, 13:58
OK, good to hear. Waiting for the solution!

23-06-10, 14:39
ok, sorry for this problem, this is still BETA functionality.

Also please first try just to remove appropriate cache file (you will find it in /vbet_guestcache/en/ directory - you should recognize it by name - it not just remove all files included there. Perhaps vB just generated such page for some reason and vBET cached it and now it is shown cached result.

After that just turn on this functionality.

If it happens again after cache clearing - send us access details (access for your Admin CP and FTP) and we will solve it.

23-06-10, 15:17
appropriate cache file

Sorry but what is the name of this file I should remove?

24-06-10, 01:14

24-06-10, 09:38
delete all file in this folder. If it does not work send me PM with access details to your forum(s) FTP

24-06-10, 11:07
FTP details sent!

24-06-10, 13:48
ok, thanks.
now we will try to find this bug

and i still need access to your admincp (PM please)

24-06-10, 13:51
This will be related to the file cache.

24-06-10, 13:57
yes, we now it :)

24-06-10, 14:45
Details PM'd! Thanks

24-06-10, 16:11
I logged in to the admincp and I turned this option on.
After that i was on your main forum site and translated site and I and did not see the issue.

Now this option is turned off again.

1.please turn on this option,
2.find the site with this issue,
3.copy this url,
4.turn off this option and paste here the url with issue


24-06-10, 16:18
ehhhhhh**********this issue only arises if you are a guest on the forum. It does not happen if you are logged in. So turn it on. Log out as admin. And go to the URL as a guest.

EDIT: And as a guest, go into any thread or post, you will see, the forum is completely broken. Not the homepage. On homepage only has an error right on top.

24-06-10, 16:29
i was as a guest ofcourse, but everything was normal (like site witht this option turned off)

plese paste here the url to site with this issue

24-06-10, 16:36
I just switched it on. And went to my homepage CreativX - Powered by vBulletin (http://creativx.net/forums/)

At first it is fine. Go into any thread once, it is fine. Go back to the homepage....bang...error on top. Go into a thread now**********..broken. It is still switched on now.

24-06-10, 16:45
Sorry, but I can not keep this turned on. I have almost 400 guests online, now viewing a broken forum. I am switching it off. Please test it when you can.

24-06-10, 17:03
ok ok, just turn off this option :)

24-06-10, 18:28
ok. Solved:)

We found a conflict with CT Birthday Image Post in global_start hook.
This is a conflicting code:

global $globaltemplates;
$globaltemplates = array_merge($globaltemplates, array('postbit_ct_birthday_box'));

It is not a vBET issue but we solved it.
We do not know what exactly is causing this error because vBet do not use this variable (global $globaltemplates;). it may error of php or vbulletin

Now everything works fine. Use Full File Cache For Guests is turn on!

If you ever do update this CT Birthday Image Post plugin you have to do these operations:
1. go to admincp -> Plugins & Products -> Plugin Manager
2. find CT Birthday Image Post
3. click on the CT birthday - Add To globaltemplates

Now you can edit options of this code. So:

4. find Execution Order field,
5. just edit from 5 to 6
6. click save button

25-06-10, 00:42
Thank you very much for your great service! You guys rock big time!! Gonna check it out now!!

26-06-10, 16:37
Fortunately I checked to see if everything is still working fine when logging in as a guest. And it is not!! My entire forum is completely messed up again!! Even my homepage. I disabled the guest cache again. And it is fine!

Please guys, I really hope you can sort this out.

Thank you!

27-06-10, 00:07
Please be specific. Give exact URL to page which is not working correctly with guest cache and tell what is wrong there.

27-06-10, 02:17
When guest cache is on, every page is broken. So let me know when you want to look, and I can enable guest caching, and you can see.

28-06-10, 10:59
Im sorry Taurus but I can't find this issue on your forum.
I was on your site and I turn on this guest cache option.

I reloaded few sites as a guest, but i can't find this issue.
everything is normal (like when this option is off)

28-06-10, 11:23
Well I just enabled it, and went to my forumhomepage on IE, and it is completely messed up!

28-06-10, 11:25
I switched it off again.

Something else. Since you changed the execution order on that other mod, 2 of my other mods stopped working. One is the automatic welcome thread on registration, and the other is an automatic welcome visitor message on registration. Can you please look into this also.

Thank you.

28-06-10, 11:27
ok i will try it on IE. I can turn on this option so I will try to find this issue

28-06-10, 11:30
OK. I also edited my previous post. Please see that also.


28-06-10, 15:55
about issue on the homepage: I am searching and still can't find it ehh.

about this two plugins. How I can reproduce this issue on your forum? When i can find it?

28-06-10, 16:01
I don't know what you did, but it seems to be working now. The issue about the forum been broken that is. It seems OK now.

I don't know how we can reproduce the issue with the 2 plugins. The one creates a new thread in the Welcome forum when a new member registers. Welcoming him. The other creates a Visitor message welcoming him. In his profile page.

28-06-10, 16:41
enough to remove the old cache :)

about this 2 plugins. Please disable vBET and try to find this issue again.

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