View Full Version : Solved vBET 3.3.4 Performance Problem

23-06-10, 10:24
vBET 3.3.4 upgraded but performance problem. server load to 50 & 60

My forum daily uniqie hit : 100.000
My database 6 GB

Unload plugin server load normal
Load plugin server load very high

3.3.3 Version had no such problems in. but upgraded to 3.3.4 problem start

note : sory my english

Vbulletin 3.8.5
Vbseo 3.3.2

23-06-10, 18:17
This is strange. Did you turned on Full File Cache for Guests? If yes - can you confirm that cache files are created? If not - please add appropriate privileges for cache directory.

Also please tell which version of vBSEO you are using (if any) and check in your webmaster tools do you have any redirection loops. This is only thing which comes to me that could be cause of such behavior some redirection loop. Also check yourself manually some translated pages, archive etc. - and let us know if you find some page which is not working.

23-06-10, 19:53
Sorry - I just noted that you wrote vBSEO version and it hit me. One of our user already noted looped redirections on this vBSEO version. Update to vBSEO 3.5.1 solved problem. So please update your vBSEO and most probably it will solve the issue. Also - you can PM me access details to your Admin CP and FTP and I can find solution for this vBSEO version.

24-06-10, 12:20
Problem solved. vbseo upgrade to 3.5.1 :)

thank you

24-06-10, 12:26
OK so :) Still we have no idea why those redirections loops occurs in previous vBSEO versions, but I suppose that best hint is to made upgrade. Glad it is OK now :)

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