View Full Version : vbet error with Marco1 HIDE all

22-06-10, 19:25
I have tested on a forum vBet 2.4.3 and MARCO1 Hide All Hack v4.0

MARCO1 Hide All Hack what makes is to hide links to guests, changing link with a message, the problem is that message is written 2 times if vbet 2.4.3 is installed.

MARCO1 Hidel all can be downloaded from vbulletin.org website.

Can any staff member have a look? i think vbet is very interesting but with this bug...

23-06-10, 11:04

Can you paste here your forum url. I would like to see this issue. Please write to me where I can find this issue (on your forum ). Where I need to look?

Is this issue only on translated pages or non-translated pages too?
Please, disable vBET by your admincp and make sure that this issue is still.

I look forward to hearing from you.

23-06-10, 19:14
Yes i have tested and is on web vbet is activated, but on non translated pages happends.
Happends always vbet is activated, you can check it for example entering here: laradiobbs.***/normas-de-los-foros/5-normas-y-politicas-del-foro-la-radio-bbs.html

You need to replace *** with net because i cant post websites without 15 posts.

Now vbet is disable and link is replaced for one time with message: [Solo usuarios Registrados pueden ver los links. haz click para registrarte]

But is vbet is activated message is: [Solo usuarios Registrados pueden ver los links. haz click para registrarte [Solo usuarios Registrados pueden ver los links. haz click para registrarte]]

If you need i can reenable vbet but like MARCO1 HIDE ALL is a free addon you can download it from vbulletin.org and test on your local machine better.


28-06-10, 10:38
i have a one question now. plese try to disable this Marco and try to find this issue. plese write here is this issue still?

05-07-10, 10:39
But if i disable marco, the message that you need to be registered to see links will not appear because that message appear with marco hide all.

05-07-10, 12:10
But if vBET is turded off this options works normal?
This is a Marco etc. issue. Just write to support team of this product. :)

05-07-10, 18:31
If vbet is disabled dont happends, so i think is a vbet problem :S

05-07-10, 19:21
Hello Miguel,

I know that, but vBET is working goot too.

This is probably a conflict between two plugins (vBET and Marco) and it's not a vBET issue. Finding the conflict will last a very long time because vBET have a lot of files and functions and we do not know this plugin (marco etc.). Marco is less plugin. His help will be easier to find this conflict, so please write to them.

If they fail, then we will try to fix it.

Thank You.

05-07-10, 23:51
If vbet is disabled dont happends, so i think is a vbet problem :S

I bet that when MARCO1 is dissabled then it also dont happens, so i think that it is some conflict - pelase fallow Kamil's suggestions. Finding conflict is much easier for author of smaller mod and also it is much easier to made changes there.

As Kamil wrote - we will try to resolve conflict if author of MARCO1 will fail, but first please just ask him about it :)

06-07-10, 01:27
The problem is that marco dont answer anything related to this mod since 17 of april.

I have seen mod a lot of times and i cant see problem.
Does vbet any tipe of rewrite of each url of the page? maeby thats the reason.

07-07-10, 12:01
Yes - vBET rewrites URLs to keep translation tracking.

If you cannot contact with author of 2nd mod, we will support you. Just please keep in mind that our customers - users of paid version have always priority. Hope that you can understand it and that it is acceptable, because you will get out support free anyway.

Kamil will handle it in free time. Please PM him access details for your Admin CP and FTP. Also please note that he will not be able to start working on this issue this week.

07-07-10, 22:32
I have sent login details to him.

Thanks in advance for you patience.

13-07-10, 12:33
Any news on this problem?

13-07-10, 13:29
ok I will try to fix it now..
I have a one request. Can you exacly describe where I can find this issue on your site? what i should do?

Another request: Can you change a admincp language to english?

Another request: in which part of the forum I can write a test posts?

13-07-10, 15:19
I dont know why, but now problem dont happends :S this is the most strange thing i have seen in a lot of time :S sorry to bug you, if happends another time i will update you.

13-07-10, 17:25
I was in your admincp and I done something, but I don't know why is working now.. great

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