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22-06-10, 17:23
When i enable vbet, on some pages thread tools menu breaks, ie the link at the top of a thread - the drop down menu breaks, the drop down disappears, this comes back if i disable vbet.

Secondly the thread tools at the bottom of the thread is missing it's icons, these appear if i disable vbet. But thread tools should not appear at the bottom at all and dont on all my other pages.

Finally the 'post reply' icon disappears. Again, this bug fixes itself if i disable vbet.

All 3 bug happen together and on the same page.

It only happens to guests. Thanks.

See here - Eternal "Aquiring network address" on network card - Computer Juice (http://www.computer-juice.com/forums/f47/eternal-aquiring-network-address-network-card-9961/#goto_threadtools)

22-06-10, 17:26
Here is what the page should look like;

Aquiring network address over and over - Computer Juice (http://www.computer-juice.com/forums/f47/aquiring-network-address-over-over-12471/)

Thread tools drop down at top of page works, post reply icon is there and thread tools at botton is not showing.

Like i said if i disable vbet all pages look like this one /\

If i enable vbet some pages look like the first example, thus vbet breaks how my forum looks and works.

22-06-10, 17:32
Does it happens when Full File Cache for Guest is turned on, or it doesn't matter?

22-06-10, 17:35
If i disable full file cache, it works perfect.

22-06-10, 17:49
OK so - we know the reason now. Sorry for troubles - This functionality is still in BETA stage, we had no issues at all on our servers but I see that some issues are on your one. So check it we need access for your Admin CP and FTP. I already see that on your broken page some scripts are not included - need to check it why.

Also please first try just to remove appropriate cache file (you will find it in /vbet_guestcache/en/ directory - you should recognize it by name - it not just remove all files included there. Perhaps vB just generated such page for some reason and vBET cached it and now it is shown cached result. If it happens again after cache clearing - send us access details and we will solve it.

Another way why it could happen that something changes your result after we cache it. Not really believe it this - in such case all pages would have same issue. Also I see lack of important js scripts and such things are simply included in templates not added dynamically into whole output.

So - please check cache clearing and give us output.

22-06-10, 17:56
Ok so i deleted the page and it cached again perfect.

So vbet caches my entire forum, not just translated pages?

22-06-10, 17:59
Can i exclude all english pages ?

22-06-10, 22:13
OK - so as I understand there is no issue. The cause was vBulletin itself which for some reason generated page without some scripts (maybe you changed configuration).

Cache cleared and working fine now with File Cache for Guests tuned on. Issue solved and moving it to troubleshooting section.

At this moment we do not have option to exclude normal pages - but we can add it. Please open new thread in feature requests for that :)

23-06-10, 14:42
It's still doing it, on some pages and not others, if a bot is the first to the page it caches with errors as explained, if a user is the first to the page it caches ok.

I guess this is because the bot cannot execute ajax so it sees the page slightly different to a normal browser.

23-06-10, 17:56
No - this is not because boot cannot execute ajax. Because to execute ajax you ned to have script included in HTML output. Everything else happens basing on HTML first HTML output (view tree is changed etc.)

It appears that on your forum boots simply gets other output that normal guests. And at this moment vBET see all guests as same beings. Can you tell do you use some special mod or some vBulletin configuration which determines does guest is boot and in such case returns different result?
If we find how it is made on your forum we can simply create different cache files for boots and for normal guests; now - all guests are just guests for our Full File Cache functionality and we cache result which we get. So at this moment you can:
- Disable this functionality
- Agree that now all guests will see same thing no matter those are boots or humans
- Disable functionality, which gives you different output for boots

As I wrote - we can handle this if we will know how boots are determined on your forum.

23-06-10, 20:50
Seems this is more an issue with my forum than vbet.

When i veiw my pages as googlebot they have the thread tools broken and the post reply icon missing.

No idea why, it still happens if i disable all plugings or change template.

24-06-10, 09:46
As I wrote in previous post - your forum simply generates something else for boots. vBET cache works fine - caches what it get. Maybe it is related to browser. Please check your forum with different browsers (of course with Full File Cache disabled - to see actual content not cached one).

Anyway - I suggest to ask for support vBulletin team, since it is vBulletin behavior. Also because it is our of vBET scope - I would like to close this issue here. Is it OK?

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