View Full Version : Solved trailing backslash on forum logo.

06-11-09, 21:30
Once I pick a foreign language, the forum Icon link, back to the home page looses it's trailing backslash.

So if I click the Icon, (Upper left corner of every page vBulletin logo by default), the linki is "http ://forumname.com/el" rather then "http ://forumname.com/el/" (using Greek as an example), which redirects to the english page. If using English, the backslash is where it belongs.

I hope I was clear with this.

Note: I had to add a space at the end of "http" in order to be able to post the example.

06-11-09, 23:51
I understand whole description but I cannot reproduce it on this forum. Does it happens here also?

If yes please describe me how (I was clicking on vBulletin logo, but it come back appropriately). If not please PM me address of your forum, so I will know exactly what happens :)

07-11-09, 00:19
OK I see it now - I get similar notice on other forum. Will be corrected in next release.

I cannot reproduce it on 4 forums neither in free version nor commercial one. Please PM me address to your forum and include your .htaccess file content.

07-11-09, 00:24
Only the logo, that I have found. Let me know if I can help.

07-11-09, 00:36
Yes - I cannot reproduce it on 4 forums. Can you PM me access details to your FTP (I will not need Admin CP for this one).

07-11-09, 01:00
Thanks for access :) Corrected. You have it already :) Will be included in next release.

14-11-09, 11:20
Hey all just intorduceing myself! Hope to become a nice member of the community soon enough!

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