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18-06-10, 01:21
I just purchased vBET and branding fee.

I'm getting this in my httpd logs when trying to run sitemap generator and vBET doesn't translate CMS at all either, does fine in forums.

[Fri Jun 18 04:13:09 2010] [error] [client xx.183.xxx.30] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function vbet_vbseo_filter_replace_text() in /home/me_mine/public_html/vbseo/includes/functions_vbseo_createurl.php on line 47, referer: h**p://www\/linuxtuts.net/\vbseo_sitemap/index.php?rlist=true

I have "vb optimise Pro", and the latest & greatest vbSEO installed running perfect. ( Or at least they were**********.lol )

I have checked and rechecked all edits.

Please advise.


PS: WTF! Can't even post url in code tags ( 15 post b4********** )

18-06-10, 09:45

Did you set 'Link Type' to VBSEO_URI? Please note that your error message means that vBET file vbenterprisetranslator_functions_vbseo.php was not included and vBET includes it if it is configured for vBSEO links.

About CMS translation - please describe more. Do you have blank page or empty strings or just original content? Please give URL (PM if cannot do it here) to page where we can see it.

About PS: Please note that because of SPAM we had to limit possibility of adding URL on our forum. It will be unblocked after few posts. And if you see *** it means that in URL is used some of censored words - just give it to us with spaces, we will know what to do with it ;)

18-06-10, 13:58
I feel sooooo stupid ( HOW did I miss that ) Mate...

That is ALL it was stopping the sitemap.

Forum Display: 1522
Show Thread: 10088
Show Post: 204
Member Profiles: 3
Poll Results: 0
Blog Entries: 0
Blog Tags: 0
Album URLs: 0
Social Groups URLs: 1
Tag URLs: 1
Archive: 1521

Total Indexed URLs: 13344
Total Processing Time: 47,004.40 seconds

was 3,400 something....:)

But the CMS still isn't translating.
Page times out everytime.

I'll send you a PM Mate.


18-06-10, 22:03
OK, I get more info using "Safari web browser".

Safari can’t open the page.

Too many redirects occurred trying to open “h**p:// www. linuxtuts. net/da/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/?vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-udskrivning-40/&vbet_lang=da&redirected=/content/ubuntu-printing-40/”. This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page.

Thanks Mate,

19-06-10, 00:22
OK I see it now. Also As I see it happens only for CMS articles - main CMS page is working fine.

The issue is on level of vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php file. We have there code which should protect against such vBSEO redirections. Have no idea why it is not working on your server. I need also FTP access to your forum to check it - please PM. We will add our logs into the file and check why those parameters are not removed from query string.

19-06-10, 18:57
Sent Mate. And thanks.


20-06-10, 00:34
Latest vBulletin Fixed this issue some how. ( Case closed )

20-06-10, 01:55
Great to hear :)

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