View Full Version : Solved langtitle=sk]F.. bug?

17-06-10, 18:59
I'm getting this in the recent topics on vbadvanced


any fixes?

17-06-10, 19:00
I didn't write all that in the previous post, think there's a problem on this forum

i wrote this


18-06-10, 10:24
Hi :) There is no problem on forum - you just put wrong langtitle bbcode - without closing it. So - garbage in, garbage out. I just edited your messages to be sure that there are no broken bbcodes :)

About the issue what vBET version are you using? Last version should automatically solve that issue. Please give URL to exact page where we can see it.

22-06-10, 00:29
it shows like that only in the vbadvanced recent translated topics

22-06-10, 17:30
You didn't answer for question :) Please confirm which vBET version you are using. Also please check (or ask vbadvanced team) does vbadvanced uses global_complete hook during page generation. It is required for vBET to automatically solve it (until vBET 3.3.3).

22-06-10, 19:36
I didn't install that special plugin that you made, am i suppose to?

22-06-10, 23:13
The special one is only for vBA Dynamics. Others do not need it. Can you please make sure that this plugin which you are using is using global_complete hook? Does those pages are translated? Please give me URL to page where I can see your issue.

05-07-10, 07:51
Please confirm does it is same issue as you already described here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/troubleshooting/796-title-translation-cut-short-vbadvanced-recent-topics.html

If yes, then we will close this one and continue there, because there is longer discussion.

07-08-10, 11:57
No confirmation - assuming that it is the same issue and closing this one. In case if it is not, please write here and it will be reopened.

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