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17-06-10, 16:19
Hello , i am new with VBET , and i have a programming forum.. and all threads have a <code></code> on it and i want to skip of translating that..

Any ideas?

my forum: www dot programmershere dot com

18-06-10, 08:40
I can not reproduce the problem, maybe I have an older version of the forum. Please write me what you have the exact version of vBulletin, and I'll try to reproduce it on vB version like your forum.

this problem is probably caused by removal of comments by a plugin (vBET uses comments NTA - not tranlated area - to describe the field without translation).

Try to turn off this plugin (removing of comments).
Please try to find a conflict with other mods. To do this, disable the other mods and leave only vBET. if the error does not occur, switch the turn further mods to see where is the conflict.

Please note that vBET supports skipping CODE, PHP and HTML bbcodes translation. If it is not working on your forum, then most probably you have turned on ceaning of html comments (as described before), what is prohibited, because by html comments vBET marks parts of output which nos suppose to be translated (we call it Not Translated Area - NTA).

18-06-10, 15:33
Thanks kamilkurczac , but its not a problem..

i want to SKIP translating HTML content inside <code> tags

Example :

Now: <code> <?php function modulate { echo $modulate; } ?> </code>
Now: VBET translate that to all languages.. i want to keep that in english,, without translating

understand ?

i want to make VBET SKIP all text that is inside <code></code> tags!

18-06-10, 19:44
Hello. Sorry for confusion. vBulletin supports code bbcode and you are writing about html code tag - that is the source of misunderstanding.

If you are using code html tag in templates, then please edit those templates and put whole code content inside of not translated area - so put it between <!--vBET_SNTA--> and <!--vBET_ENTA-->

If you are using code html tag in posts, then please edit those posts and change code html tag into code bbcode.

Please tell that it solves your issue.

19-06-10, 15:07
can you take a look at my forum

Programmers Here (http://www.programmershere.com)

it has 220.000 posts with <code> , how i would edit them all ? :D

there is any other solution ?

see example here

programmershere.com questions-answers/219881-creating-image-php-display-works-saving-file-does-not.html

20-06-10, 02:09
At this moment vBET do not support this, but we can. I'm moving your post to feature requests.

So now vBET will not translate ourputs of PHP, CODE and HTML bbcodes. We didn't had any request for not translation of code html tag before. Because of performance we will made it configurable. You will be able to turn on option which will protect content of code html tag against translation. It will be included in next release :) Because of complexity (we are making just same thing for html tags script and style) we will be not able to give quick fix earlier - sorry you have to wait for that. But we are planning new vBET 3.x release this/next week and next vBET 4.x release in first week of next month, so hope you can wait this short time :)

20-06-10, 15:58
Done - will be included in next release :)

22-06-10, 03:57
Thanks a lot!

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