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16-06-10, 21:29
Hi there ,

1. How much is branding free fee for paid version.(Price in Australian Dollars):confused:
2. Price in Australian Dollars for vBet Automatic Translations please.:confused:

3. Can you give me some idea of how long it takes to get this script installed and working properly:confused:

18-06-10, 02:43
here you go

18-06-10, 10:08

Please note that our prices are in USD and how much it will be in Australian Dollars depends on actual course - which can be changed each time. So you have to check what is actual course in Paypal.

1. Branding free costs $135 (in USD)
2. vBET license costs $90 (in USD)

3. Installation is easy and fast. Upload files, import product file and configure as described in readme.html If you configure it appropriately you can finish installation procedure in few minutes.
If you configure it wrong, have some conflicts with other plugins or integrate vBET with other plugins not appropriately, then it will take as long as you will set everything appropriately. Please note that in case of issues you have our free online support and if you feel that it is better for us to do whole installation, then you can just buy installation service ($30).

21-06-10, 15:36

Having problems submitting an order.
Your form is not working.

Unable to insert info.


21-06-10, 15:48
OOps, Sorry,

I did not tick the agree button. He He
Was unaware that I had to tick agreement button before I fill out form.

22-06-10, 22:16
So as I understand everything is working fine :)

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