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15-06-10, 19:29
Hello, friends!
I have a strange problem. My forum with VBET works perfectly in two languages-Russian and English, but when I test different languages, some part of my forum links changes to those languages and make a "page not found" error
Here an examples in Russian and English:
.xxx.org/none-english-speackers-visitors/25-welcome.html (works perfect).
In Hebrew:
.xxx.org/iw/none-english-speackers-visitors/25-רצוי.html (page not found).
In Korean:
.xxx.org/ko/none-english-speackers-visitors/25-환영.html (page not found).
I suppose the problem is in VBSEO configuration, but may be in VBET configuration too.
Please advise. :confused:
Thank you.

P.S. Just solved by VBSEO settings:
Set option General Settings->Character Replacement->"Replace Non-English Characters in URLs?" to "Keep Non-English Characters in URLs.

16-06-10, 09:46

Thanks for the clarification :)

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