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12-06-10, 09:13
no traslation


13-06-10, 13:00

try this solution http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/troubleshooting/6-faq.html#post9

forum language option you have in admincp -> vBET->main

14-06-10, 08:08
1. You didn't fallow installation instructions. You MUST configure Forum language option. Just configure mod >>>>>>>> i did
2. You set wrong Google Translation API key - set it to appropriate value or remove it (not advised - just set it appropriately) >>>>>>>> i got it and set it
3. For some reason you was blocked by Google >>> google indexed my site but how do i know that my site is blocked

14-06-10, 11:37
indexing has nothing to translation.

probably you was blocked by Google.

please make a googletest.php file and put it on your server:
here you have a full solution (with code)

14-06-10, 14:05
the result is

Starting translation test
Test result:
Test error: No URL set!

15-06-10, 09:31
This is not a vBET error, this is a error from cURL.
you need to find a solution on google for "no url set curl error".

15-06-10, 23:17
i really have no idea
but what i would like to know
is this problem comes from server setting ?? or some where?

15-06-10, 23:55
As you can see you get error from CURL library - so you have to look for answer in CURL area. Please first make sure that you tested with appropriate code - that there was no any additional character put by mistake (like enter before save). This test code is also available in vBET package /do-not-upload/tools/googletest.php.

Please note that we provide here vBET support. If issue is not related to vBET we do not made further investigations, otherwise we would solve any problems of any kids. This is not our role. Right now you know where the issue exists. Please investigate this. We are responsible only for vBET code and if something fails outside it we are simply not able to be responsible for that.

I made little Google searching for your error message and found 1 hint about wrong static names - that is why I'm asking you to check again code of your test. Found no other hints. At the end, please just contact your hosting provider to solve your server issues. It can be on server configuration level it can be on CURL library bug. Cannot tell.

Know that it is not the final solution, but hope that at least you know where to go now. As I wrote - it is not vBET issue and it is out of our control. IT is some of your server issue and hope you will handle it fast - it not yourself then with your hosting provider support :)

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