View Full Version : Already done Changing the Copyright text?!?

08-06-10, 20:00
Can you change the Copyright text to something more professional because I don't look the present looks of it, the vBSEO copyright looks nice.

Integration with Google translations by vB Enterprise Translator 3.3.4

As you can see here only the word vBSEO is linked and not the entire line giving it more of a professional look:

SEO by vBSEO 3.5.0

09-06-10, 11:27
As I understand you consider shorter as more professional. That could be truth if making text short would be the goal. Please note that the shortest possible text is not our goal in case of credit link and it is professional in goals which it achieves :)

Anyway we will consider your proposition and check how we can make it shorter without loosing its professionalism.

09-06-10, 14:54
It's total length don't bother me but something like this looks more professional oherwise it seems like it's freeware software loaded with ad links.

Automatic Google translations by vBET 3.3.4
Only vBET links to the site, looks nice no? :)

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