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03-06-10, 03:41
Not sure if that's the best title lol hopefully I can explain this better

Every so often when I or my members make a post it posts as if we have posted in another language (when I go to edit it it says [lang=nl])

This doesn't happen a lot so I guess that makes it hard to pin down but it so far has happened occasionally while we are all posting in English and it's always to the same language (Dutch flag)

Oh and I just noticed the title has these in it too [langtitle =nl]

10-06-10, 13:18
Please give us some exact example - the exact text which was used. And what is your language detection setting? Please note that is you are using Google then sometimes Google can be confused and made wrong recognition (usually for very short texts, or when words in 2 languages are in same message). In that case there is no bug at all -it is not up to us - it's Google. However you can configure how sure Google must be to add language setting.

Please tell do you still need any help in issue described here :)

14-06-10, 23:28
No answer - considered solved. Please note here if need more help :)

14-07-10, 21:17
Gah, I'm so sorry...for some reason I do not always receive my notifications from here lol and I have been so busy that this issue went by the wayside till it kept cropping up again lol

I'm attaching a screenshot of the last time it happened, this one in a PM lol

The language detection setting is Trust Google when result is trust worthy

Which setting would you best recommend for this setting?

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