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18-05-10, 14:36
how to upgrade from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2


18-05-10, 17:03
Normal way:
1. Upload files to FTP
2. Import product file

There is no any additional step. For detailed instructions see readme.html from vBET package :)

18-05-10, 18:08
this 4.2.2 support for vba cmps right?

any change for vbseo sitemap?


19-05-10, 15:50
vba cmps - truly I do not recognize which one of vba is this plugin. If it was supported (please check or ask users in integration section - we do not use it on our forum, but made some integrations, just not sure that it was vba cmps or some other vba...) in previous version then it is for sure. If it wasn't then there is more chance because vBET 4.2.2 has new functionality and it parses langtitle globally.

no changes for sitemap.

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