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09-05-10, 23:05
i have few urls that are displaying with strange characters example


should be


how can i fix this problem ?

10-05-10, 21:07
Please show me URL to page on which I can see this strange URL generated. Also please PM me some test account details, because I see your is protected.

10-05-10, 21:11

to give you a easy way to understand... just run my website with russian


you will be able to see the url's that i'm talking about... in your forum this is not happening...

10-05-10, 21:18
Yes I see it. We have first time such issue. Please:
- If your forum is in utf-8 please make sure that encoding is in lower case.
- Make sure that you allows to keep not English characters in URL.

Have no other hints - if this is not working please PM access details for Admin CP, FTP and vBSEO CP - I will check and correct it on place.

10-05-10, 21:20
my forum is in ISO-8859-1 is there any way to solve this in a non utf-8 forum ?

11-05-10, 20:07
my forum is in ISO-8859-1 is there any way to solve this in a non utf-8 forum ?

OF COURSE! vBET fully supports not utf-8 forums :) The hint was with 'IF' :)

And what with your vBSEO setting for keeping? This is important part of vBSEO integration:

(Required) Set option General Settings->Character Replacement->"Replace Non-English Characters in URLs?" to "Keep Non-English Characters in URLs"

Is it like it should be?

And once again - if it is OK, then please PM me access details and I will see and correct it on place.

11-05-10, 21:49
it is keep non-english characters in url's

11-05-10, 22:29
VBet, i was reading vbseo forum and i think this issue is related to UTF-8 compatibility so probably i need convert my forum to UTF-8.

I will let you know once converted.


12-05-10, 17:54
You do NOT need to convert forum into UTF-8. Not because of vBET. We support not utf forums and most our clients have such. Please send me access details and I will check what is going on there.

12-05-10, 18:00

I can't give you access to the system... but you can show me one ISO-8859-1 Forum that urls for Russian are not encoded if you point me one I can confirm that this is non related to UTF-8 encode..

also i saw you discussing about this on vbseo forum

an this is why i think this is related

12-05-10, 18:15
The link you gave is not our discussion.

You asked about forum example. Here is the one of my not UTF-8 forums (working under vB3.8): NOT utf-8 forum supported by vBET (http://www.forum.simple-nlp.pl/)

I cannot give you our clients URLs - maybe someone will give it yourself to you, or you will find some clients URLs already posted on forum (you can easilly check original encoding in html output for note translated page).

We have also test forum under vB4.0 in not utf-8, but I cannot give you URL to our test instances (limited by vB and vBSEO licenses). That is why I'm sure that it is not something which will force you to change encoding... I understand your security issues - do you have test instances with same behavior or can create copy and give us access there? I cannot help more now - this issue is noted first time. This is also why I think it is some configuration issue.

13-05-10, 05:36
I'm using vbseo 3.5 GOLD and vbulletin 4.3 your test environment is using this version ?

13-05-10, 18:10
Our actual (at this moment) test environment for vBET4.x:
- vB: 4.0.3 (Publishing Suite)
- Encoding: ISO-8859-1
- vBET: 4.2.2
- vBSEO: 3.5.0 RC2

15-05-10, 22:14
Hey vbet i fixed my forum after conversion to utf-8 :) thanks for your help

20-05-10, 17:16
Great to hear :) Still conversion was not necessary - vBET supports not utf8 forums in 100% But I understand that you was not able to let us check what was going on on your server.

Anyway - on utf-8 your forum will work faster since there will be no conversion between encodings on every translation :)

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