View Full Version : Solved Problem with "Post Thank You Hack 7.82"

08-05-10, 21:35
Hello!The " Post Thank You Hack 7.82 " does not work if the visitor is viewing the site in a language other than the default.Is there a way to fix this? : confused: thank you, Rafael.

08-05-10, 21:51
've added the line "post_thanks.php" in the section "Ignore URLs" but it still does not work. I see that the URL does not contain more information language, but it still doesn't work.


08-05-10, 21:57
Please give me URL - I will see it.

08-05-10, 22:11
Very strange... in Chrome works in any language but in IE não. Beá that there is explainsçãfor this?

Web Site: Mandela Community - The Front Page (http://www.mandela.org)

I'm going to get you through a login test for PM

08-05-10, 22:52
Sorry but the page you gave me translates. Please give exact link which will crash after translation just like you described it - I'm not familiar witch mod you describe so I need exact place.

About IE and other browsers: vB has special blocks of code for 'special' browser ;) So yes - something else can happen for IE.

08-05-10, 23:10
This message is written in English (http://www.mandela.org/showthread.php?t=8)

Following a picture.

I can't attach images in this forum... :(

08-05-10, 23:21
Also confirmed working under Opera.

I see the issue under IE - page is generated well, but scripts for adding/removing thanks are not working correctly. I can see that something happens so browser see scripts - probably it crashes on server side.

Cannot say anything specific without possibility to write some logs and analyze those. Please PM me access details to your FTP.

If you want to inverstigate it yourself then as hint I will add that when you give thanks then on server side it is used file post_thanks.php and code evaluating request is in this if block:

if ($_REQUEST['do'] == 'post_thanks_add')

15-05-10, 00:49
Any feedback? Can issue be closed?

15-05-10, 01:01
Any feedback? Can issue be closed?
I'll work on it this weekend, give me a few more days ... please. [] S!

15-05-10, 01:04
No problem - we can offer you support in this area if you want :)

15-05-10, 01:11
Ok! You are great ****** is missing a few details for my site operating in production mode:)

20-05-10, 17:18
Just to check, because it is hard to keep synchronization between posts and PMs (lot of clients). Does issue is solved or still on board?

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